09 June 2008

Thespian Inductions are


6 PM

Bear Creek Park (Picnic Area)

It’s a potluck so if you could please RSVP what dish you can bring to feed at least 8 people and drinks to quench your own party (non-alcoholic please) that would be great!
Food must arrive at the park by 5:30 so that we can all start eating at 6. The ceremony will start around 7.
This event is not formal, but please dress nice!

Contact Jenny Warren or Kayla Garrett
(Via myspace or phone numbers if you have them)

Thanks and we’ll see you Wednesday!

(Keep in mind that the Troupe is providing hamburgers, hotdogs and buns...BUT WE STILL NEED CONDIMENTS and salads and desserts...so please please please let us know what you will be bringing so that last minute shopping runs can be made, if it is an absolute necessity, and dont end up with 6,000 plates of brownies and lettuce...and nothing else.)



John said...

Mama Doty is bringing deep dish pie and ice cream. I am bringing some black beans and corn stuff that goes good on chips. Just trust me :)

CALL Jen or Kayla and Tell 'Em what to expect, plz!!

Anonymous said...

i want doty to bring gwahck....(or guac...if you have to spell it that way...the green avocado thingy....for chips.....and....spoonfuls.....)


kayla made me post this!

Anonymous said...

some people like soy burgers...

sandra said...

I will bring a box or two of soy burgers,
because I care about those with a fragile stomach

Anonymous said...

I can't make brownies... no oil at least none that I would use for this (olive oil) so instead I'm bringing chocolate chip cookies... unless those don't turn out well... stupid oven... Shelby Ann