21 June 2008

Movies in the Park

By demand (yes, Jenny -- you happy now? I presume you plan to make some kind of social something happen with these?), here is the Movies in the Park schedule:
  • TONIGHT - Bee Movie
  • June 28 - Transformers
  • July 5 - Surf's Up
  • July 12 - Batman Begins
  • July 19 - The Water Horse
  • July 26 - Order of the Phoenix
  • August 2 - Ferris Bueller
  • August 9 - Shrek III
I would be all over Batman, except I am at Othello that night. I'll be at HP:OotP and maybe Bueller (which may be a 'required' part of the Summer Workshop :P)

As for OTHER movies I plan to do things with: WALL-E (June 28), Hancock (July 2), Dark Knight (July 18), and ... that may be it for the summer. Anyone care to coordinate opening night activities?


Anonymous said...

thanks doty!
i'm not really planning anything.
i just thought you'd know. because you always know about this kind of thing. thanks though!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm too lazy... I mean busy. Yeah, I'm too busy... to plan anything, but I think it would be fun to do something. So someone who's good at organizing activities should organize an activity.

I really am busy... really... I am.

-Tyler Spano

Anonymous said...

hey doty

this has nothing to do with movies, but when are we going to get the copies of our scripts with all the cuts? i would like to start looking/possibly memorizing my lines, but i don't want to do that until all the cuts have been made


John said...

I should have the cuts done before the weekend and will print scripts nd put them on the site for download... good nagging :)

Anonymous said...

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