26 June 2008

Lear - Additional Casting Notes, Scripts

Scripts with LINE CUTS are available in .pdf and .doc format to download. I will also be available for physical delivery / pickup of same Friday and o'er the weekend. Post a comment if you need me to do this!

Two additional SPEAKING casts member has been added - Brandon Todd will add France to his heretofore non-speaking duties, while Sandra adds "1st Servant" and gets to die :).

There are words spake by Gentlemen and Soldiers. Those will be distributed amongst the various members of the cast from the second column. Those will also be on stage in various costumes to present in manner servants and soldiers and retinue beyond those with lines. There will be shouting and carousing for some :) Those in the first column are playing only the listed roles.
Lear Dylan Gutridge
Goneril Jen Warren
Regan Sarah Schwarz
Cordelia / Fool Kayla Garrett
Gloucester TJ Todd
Kent Grant Hendrix
Edgar Chase Medeiros
Edmund Tyler Spano
Albany Taylor Ashley
Cornwall Jacob Schatz recast pending
Oswald Sa’Rina Roth
France Brandon Todd
Burgundy / 3rd Servant Dillon Kline
Curan /Messenger / Herald Isabelle Schuler
Old Man / Doctor / 2nd Servant Shelby Mock
1st Servant Sandra Schaefer
Add’l Non-speaking Vassals & Retinue / Running Crew
Rachel Sinner, Kelsey Garrett, Gabby Mahon, Jordan Wright
We need ARMOR & WEAPONS for Cordelia, Edgar, Edmund, Albany, and all the various Soldiery

I also need to speak to Matt and the Luisas about more kissing.


Anonymous said...

Hey Doty

I was wondering if I could pick up a script somtime today, and I was also hopeing you could more info about the Practice Times. THANKS!!


John said...

I will have scripts at my house by the end of the day today... IF you are coming to get one, consider who else you will see and maybe get one for them too!

If you don't know where I live, give me a call - Nine Fortyfour, Sixtytwo Eighty :)

Anonymous said...

I can't find my computer paper stash so I will most likely be picking one up.


and so everyone knows
I'm going to restart the James' gang
like Jesse James. the bandit
you know, the cool one

Anonymous said...

(inspired by the matt and luisas thing)


Anonymous said...

Hey, cool poster! I like it!
-Tyler Spano

Hooray Fantasticks!!!

Dylan said...

Sweet poster!
I'm probably gonna need a delivery.
what dya want me to do?

John said...

tell me when and where... use email - click on my name at the top of the webpage, eh?

Anonymous said...

So like i've lost my handy dandy notebook that tells me all the important stuff i need to know about... well... everything! so what is the first day of rehearsals?

John said...

Aug 1 read thru... location still to be determined. Could be someone's home.

AwD said...

so is Jacob still in the cast as Cornwall? because I talked to him last night and he said he wasn't.
just asking to clarify...

july 1st

John said...

If he is not, he should prolly email meh... AND if he is not, I am going to have to take a moment to think this one out :)

Jacob said...

Thinking this out may be a good idea then.

As I've said, I'm directing Clue next year and that's basically all I plan to do on the North Medford stage next year.

I'll be doing regionals and hopefully state again, as well as taking the class. All my stage acting however, will be done by working in theatres througout the community.

However, I will be sure to see to every show that you put on. So, have a fantastick time with the show!