11 June 2008

Excellent Awards

So here's the DVD Extras :) (the awards that weren't given due to inconclusive voting or bad juju) (also TIME consideration)

The Politically incorrect Complexion Award for Ethnic Casting was a virtual tie twixt Grant and Jacob and was potentially more trouble than it was worth.

Sponge was... welll.. I think I am gonna retire that award unless we can make it an In-Character award and give it to another cardboard cow.

Best Kiss was also close between the real life couple in Fantasticks and the Not at All Couple in Much Ado... the balcony sequence did get more votes... I should also note that a kiss that didn't even happen (Hero and Claudio) got several votes...what is up with that?

Froshmore was to Sandra and not close
"Freshman" to Lola and also not close

The things from the International Thespians will be delivered to the school where I can't get them and where I can't work with them, barring some kind of miracle. So certificates will done when ever I can get back into the school. Pins (both Troupe and Activities) will be here in a little over a week.

Someone jar my memory on last year's certificate deficit - Jenny, Angie, Tessa, and SOMEONE ELSE... who was the someone else... it was someone who we weren't gonna lose... Ah well. Moving on.

Next thing is July 15 Coriolanus with the Workshop crew. More soon!


Anonymous said...

So who got the sponge award?

SANDRA said...

the reason why I got froshmore?

most people still don't know kelsey was a freshman