05 June 2008

Coriolanus - July 15

Mark your calendars now - July 15, 2pm curtain (be in Ashland by 1:45 please)

We will be seeing Coriolanus in the New Theater, in part to get a sense of the language again (I find it easier and easier to deal with Shakespeare the more and more I am hearing it), in part to watch an ensemble cover the range of roles, and in part just to watch some good theater.

Most of the seats are in pairs and are scattered all around the theater. Know who your seating buddies will be. There are two sets of THREE.

You are of course on best behavior - any issues of inappropriate audience conduct will have ramifications on both the Lear production and possibly beyond, depending. Not being harsh, just putting it out up front so if I have to be a heavy, there won't be a 'we didn't know' thing.

If folks need rides to Ashland, please let us know here so we can coordinate getting you all to the show.

If you CAN'T go, let me know and I'll open the extra seats up to other Troupe members who may be interested. As of now, we have seats for 19, which is Cast plus Current Production team. Any late addition production staff or crew will mean I try to get some more seats. So far, there are a decent number still available.


Anonymous said...

If any seats open up Doty I'd be interested in seeing the show :)

~Amanda C

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna need a ride. I think... Shelby. Also are we just picking who we're sitting with ourselves... I would assume so. oh well

Anonymous said...

Hey Doty -
I checked my schedule, and I will be able to go. I have a ride.

- Rachel S.