16 May 2008

[UPDATED] OSF Tickets This Summer plus Summer Workshop

We didn't get the numbers we needed, so now comes PLAN B: Wherein I tell you when I am going anyway and you all get tickets pretty much on your own (I will gladly help you try to get tickets together, if you all want to communicate with me). We can then plan on intermission and post show gab sessions (though I am scheduled post show after Dream).
  • July 8 - Comedy of Errors, 8:30pm - Elizabethan Stage
  • July 9 - Midsummer Night's Dream , 2:00pm - Bowmer Theater
  • July 9 - Clay Cart, 8:30pm - Bowmer Theater
  • July 10 - Our Town, 8:30pm - Elizabethan Stage
  • July 11 - Coriolanus, 2:00pm - New Theater
  • July 12 - Othello, 8:30pm - Elizabethan Stage
4pm to 6pm - 1 1/2 to 2 minute monologue - EITHER gonna be a dark comedy or an adaptation of Shakespeare to fit a cast of 10ish. Two I am looking at pretty closely are The Imaginary Invalid (Moiliere) and The Curious Savage (Patrick) - use the Google to discover more about them. Could be VERY fun...and (if Shakespeare (Lear??)) possibly bloody. Signup sheet goes up on Monday!


Anonymous said...

I'm in for sure Doty and will have the money to the office by monday afternoon!

~Amanda C

Anonymous said...

ill be able to go to Dream for sure

-Dillon K

Dick said...

Ok, I'll go ask mes parents maintenant about the two...
Its likely, but not %100


Jacob said...

I'd like a spot for Our Town, not midsummer though.

Its possible that it could change, seeing as I'll be seeing it at OSF this summer.

but as for now, I'd like a spot for Our Town.


sandysdandypants said...

possibly thinking about Our Town.
possibly in terms of "not sure"

so possibly

possibly possibly possibly

jj said...

Damn i kinda wish i was gonna be in town to see our town. But im not gonna be back till the seasons over... that ticks me off.