21 May 2008

Huge FREE Shakespeare opportunity!!

This is an excerpt from email I received this afternoon... I will give the full details in class!
The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is launching a new membership program for young adults called the OSF Players.
This exciting new program is a membership organization for students ages 13-18 with an eye toward creating a deeper relationship with students and teens who come to OSF with student groups.
Sounds cool, yes? Here's the excellent part - they will be doing two focus groups with local students. If you want to be included, you contact them by June 2 indicating interest and you get pizza, soda, and two tickets to Our Town. The two sessions are June 9 & 10 at 5:30pm in Ashland.

I'll provide the contact info and everything else you might be curious about during the remainder of this and next week. I think we should make a point of taking part as much as we can. And yes, this counts for Thespian points.

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Dani Saiz said...

I lost my paper... Do you think you can e-mail me the details? serious_dottage@yahoo.com Or can I get them some other way?