11 April 2008

Sallah, 2002-2008 - Farewell

Sallah left us just after 9am on Thursday. I know a lot of you loved him and will miss him.
I have a LONG post about him here, if you want to give it a read. Bring tissue.

08 April 2008

Book for advanced to work from while I am gone...

... IF advanced wants to go this route, there is a book that might be worth looking at while I am gone. It is available on Amazon for $8.80, and I would be willing to facilitate a buy of them (used, it can be had from more like $5, including shipping).

here's the link

If folks want to use the book as a 'guide' for the next 8 weeks, I'll talk to the people who would need to know and see if we can get the book in pretty quick.

Comment please :)

[Updated] 2 of... 27? c'mon people... sound off... ask the non-commenters to please check the site and join the convo.

05 April 2008

You guys ROCK

I am in my hospital room... Kessler was just here and Ms L is here now. I just got off the phone with CJ and they want to come back (after we remodel). AND I hear some of us done super good in some tech areas.


01 April 2008


This will likely be my FINAL Fiddler related posting, but the decision was made today to shift production to May 13-14. More details to come. Sami or Jenny will likely figure out how to post rehearsal and other scheduling updates here in the next couple of days!

Meantime, schedules for the next two weeks are up in the LT lobby and in the Choir Room.