27 March 2008

Schedules and My Health

We don't have schedules up yet because of a conspiracy of fate -- Mr Reppert came back a day later originally planned, yet that meant another reschedule of the planning meeting to tomorrow. HOWever, as some of you are aware, my eyesight has been crap for the past half year or so and I went in on Tuesday to look into that. Without getting into too much drama (heh) about the details, I've been to two additional specialists, had an MRI and am now scheduled to go in for a surgical / endocrine screening tomorrow, which sets the NEXT planning meeting aside. And I might be in surgery before the end of the day tomorrow, so who knows how that will shape up.

More for you all as I know it. I have Mr Warren, Ms Louise, and a few other staff prepped to help cover things like One Act rehearsals and some other things in the run up to State.

Ciao for now!

[I know more - it involves surgery - I won't be in school on Monday until after lunch, cuz I'll be doing some prelim work with the surgeon on Monday morning... I will tell you all much more when I get to school in the afternoon.]


Anonymous said...

Mmmm.... that's harsh. Feel better Doty!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the surgery Doty!!! And here is to a fast recovery ^_^


Anonymous said...

Surgery, that sucks let me know if you need anything... K?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that you need surgery Doty.

I was wondering if you know what time the competition for state is and basically the itinerary for the rest of state. If you could do that it would be great.

Thank you
(and get better)


John said...

Erin - you and Adam ompete at 12:40 on Thu

Jacob is at 1:24

All of you should get yourselves TO the Ramada by Noon. (you'll be excused from after lunch classes) I will be around o help with that. We were going to do a dinner thing, too..more on that when I see you all.

Otherwie, schedule is like this:
Thursday, everyone does school and then gets themselves to the Crate (Mrs' Garrett is coordinating some transport info) by 5pm. Stuff goes on there until nearly 10p, then roller skating til 11:30.

Friday AM, people need again to be at the Crate before 9:30am and things happen there until noonish, then food (on your own) then back to NMHS by 1:30ish. Workshops and One Acts from 2-5, then food on your own, then to the Crate again by 6:30. Dance at NMHS at 10pm.

Sat Morning to NMHS by 9:30, Workshops 10-1, Lunch (Provided) and to the Crate by 2pm... everything should wrap a bit after 6pm.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

What about Kelsey's and my tech entries? Is there a set time for that and do we get released too?

~Amanda C.

John said...

Tech Entries don't do anyting until Friday... I'll tell ya more tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Hey John John, just dont die during surgery, k? I dont think any of us can handle having a sub for the rest of our life! Lol, get better quick.

-Ashley Ashley

Anonymous said...

When does the transort info come out?
Ashley Ashley

Anonymous said...