23 March 2008

Fiddler Rehearsals [UPDATED]

Reppert and I are meeting on THURSDAY of break to set the bulk of the schedule... FOR NOW, assume FULL CAST call for Mon - Weds of the first week back, and also assume right after school. I know this hits some of the track people, and we will endeavor to not make it a regular thing.



Anonymous said...

Hey Doty, do you need a house manager?


Anonymous said...

Hey Doty,
Just a reminder that I need the e-mail for Fiddler's costumer-

Anonymous said...

Doty! We need to figure out who the papas, mamas, daughters, and sons are. Reppert has people singing in vocal rehearsal during parts they aren't even on stage for. Also, if you could give me a heads up as to what you want run on which days that would be awesome.

~Amanda C

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I emailed you a question about state too just now.

~Amanda C (again)