27 March 2008

Schedules and My Health

We don't have schedules up yet because of a conspiracy of fate -- Mr Reppert came back a day later originally planned, yet that meant another reschedule of the planning meeting to tomorrow. HOWever, as some of you are aware, my eyesight has been crap for the past half year or so and I went in on Tuesday to look into that. Without getting into too much drama (heh) about the details, I've been to two additional specialists, had an MRI and am now scheduled to go in for a surgical / endocrine screening tomorrow, which sets the NEXT planning meeting aside. And I might be in surgery before the end of the day tomorrow, so who knows how that will shape up.

More for you all as I know it. I have Mr Warren, Ms Louise, and a few other staff prepped to help cover things like One Act rehearsals and some other things in the run up to State.

Ciao for now!

[I know more - it involves surgery - I won't be in school on Monday until after lunch, cuz I'll be doing some prelim work with the surgeon on Monday morning... I will tell you all much more when I get to school in the afternoon.]

24 March 2008

State Performances

We were asked to do a LOT at State and likely , more than we could or should... thus:

WASP was always planned and will go forward. Comic vs Fiction was always HOPED (we thought it had a shot at SOME honor from the playwriting contest), so will, as well.Actor's Nightmare is fresh in our minds and takes NOTHING to reset, so it is also a go, if needed. The Fantasticks would require a lot more to dust off and several key cast are hesitant, so rather than invite stress and potential for crash, we will set it aside.

23 March 2008

Fiddler Rehearsals [UPDATED]

Reppert and I are meeting on THURSDAY of break to set the bulk of the schedule... FOR NOW, assume FULL CAST call for Mon - Weds of the first week back, and also assume right after school. I know this hits some of the track people, and we will endeavor to not make it a regular thing.



from an email I got this AM:

Auditions continue for an ultra-low-budget feature film to be produced in Southern Oregon by local company Bison Motion Pictures.

"Search for a Vampire" auditions have been set for Saturday, April 5, 2008, from 9 to 11 a.m. and 1 to 4 p.m., at 107 E Main in Medford. Numerous and various speaking parts are available for the comedy, a fake documentary seeking to prove the existence of vampires.

Auditions will be held in the upstairs conference room. Upon entering from the street through the door labeled 107, immediately climb the stairs. The conference room is located in the back of the building.

Information about the film is available on the web site
www.freewebs.com/bisonmotionpictures/searchforavampire.htm. The film also has a MySpace page.

17 March 2008

Next Year

So what to do? What to do?

Two scripts are FIRM, though their calendar slots aren't:

Philadelphia Story, and Clue! are on tap, with two additional shows needed to be indentified.

Clue! will go on the late Feb slot that splits the difference between the winter play and the student production date on the current calendar.

What else? people have some good buzz for both Blithe Spirit and The Importance of Being Earnest. I also hear happy noises about a possible Guys and Dolls

So, what I want to hear from you? In comments, please voice opinions about any scripts already mentioned and add your additional thoughts, please.

06 March 2008

One Acts Coming - WASP, Nightmare, and Comics!

Opening March 13 - 7pm in the Little Theater:

Steve Martin's

presented in cooperation and by arrangement with Samuel French and ICM

Christopher Durang's
Actor's Nightmare

presented in cooperation and by arrangement with Dramatists Play Service

Adam Chimeo's
Comic vs Fiction

an original work
world premier performance

Limited Seating, General Admission
Adult Tickets $5, Students and Seniors $3