03 February 2008

Regionals Results - Congratulations

YAY!!.. We done purty good. This is a congratulatory post concerning our efforts at Lebanon HS on Sat. I will update it as I go thru the score sheets today. Meanwhile:

State Qualifiers (top 10%)
  • Jacob Schatz - Solo Acting
  • Adam Chimeo and Erin Ebert - Duo Dramatic
Regional Finalists (2nd 10%)
  • Kayla Garrett, Jenny Warren, and Tyler Spano - Solo Acting
  • Kayla Garrett and Dylan Gutridge - Duo Comedic
Section Winners (top score in room in a round, not counting those already listed above, who were section winners in at least one round)
  • Warren (Solo Mus), Klemp et al (Grp Mus), Ashley & Cyr (Duo Com), Schwarz (Solo Act), Chimeo (Solo Act)

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