07 February 2008

Much Ado schedule

SATURDAY 2/9 - BUILD - ALL DAY - 10am until I run out of gas (8pm-ish)
Sunday 2/10 - OFF
Monday 2/11 Cleanups, 5pm; RUN START to INT, 6pm - finished (8:30, I hope)
Tuesday 2/12 - Cleanups, 5pm; RUN INT to END, 6pm - finished (8:30, I hope)
Wednesday 2/13 - FULL RUN 6pm til 9:30pm (INCLUDING NOTES)
Thursday 2/14 - FULL RUN, 4pm til finished (NO NOTES)
Friday 2/15 - SPEED THRU, 4pm to 6:15 (INCLUDING NOTES)
Saturday 2/16 - TECH 11am to 2pm, FULL RUN 5pm til 9pm
Sunday 2/17 - OFF
Monday 2/18 - DRESS - 5pm call, 7pm Curtain - END WHEN FINISHED
Tuesday 2/19 - DRESS - 5pm call, 7pm Curtain
Wednesday 2/20 - OPEN - 5pm Call, 7pm Curtain


'ole dicky said...


Anonymous said...

Writer's Strike is...over!!!!


Anonymous said...

I vaguely remember a comment about painting and such on Sunday. Is there going to be a build day?

Anonymous said...

you probably won't get this comment until wayyyyyy after the date it concerns...but

saturday 2/16 calls for TECH at 11 to 2

does that include cast and stage crew and everything else...or just the stage crew and stuff...?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Doty, don't forget to bring a game for Hero and I to play for the first scene.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Hey Doty, don't forget the backgammeon board. Also, I found a veil for $25 that would be pretty good. If you want to look at it, here's the link:

~ Rachel

Anonymous said...

We still have a run through at 11 today, right?


Peter English said...

Hey Doty, do you think we could work something out in the way of free admission for me, since I did the chalk drawings and have absolutely no money? Heh...

ΈÒÒؘ Òˆ˜´ said...



Anonymous said...

My Senior Paper is DONE!!!!!



I am okay I swear