21 February 2008

I can POST from Work again!!

Which means during the show or inthe dead time when I can't get home but I can't leave...

And what it means is I can update Schedules!!!

We obviously opened last night - solid performance, dinky crowd
Hoping for better crowds for the next three nights. Meantime... we have a takedown to plan.
I will be here from 11am til approx 2pm to take things partially down. We will also have two hour work parties after school on Mon and Tues....

07 February 2008

Much Ado schedule

SATURDAY 2/9 - BUILD - ALL DAY - 10am until I run out of gas (8pm-ish)
Sunday 2/10 - OFF
Monday 2/11 Cleanups, 5pm; RUN START to INT, 6pm - finished (8:30, I hope)
Tuesday 2/12 - Cleanups, 5pm; RUN INT to END, 6pm - finished (8:30, I hope)
Wednesday 2/13 - FULL RUN 6pm til 9:30pm (INCLUDING NOTES)
Thursday 2/14 - FULL RUN, 4pm til finished (NO NOTES)
Friday 2/15 - SPEED THRU, 4pm to 6:15 (INCLUDING NOTES)
Saturday 2/16 - TECH 11am to 2pm, FULL RUN 5pm til 9pm
Sunday 2/17 - OFF
Monday 2/18 - DRESS - 5pm call, 7pm Curtain - END WHEN FINISHED
Tuesday 2/19 - DRESS - 5pm call, 7pm Curtain
Wednesday 2/20 - OPEN - 5pm Call, 7pm Curtain

06 February 2008

Casting: Fiddler on the Roof

We promised Thursday morning, but were forgetting the crucial step of the Elegibility Check. Wth Much Ado, that check dumped two actors outright and put two more into smaller roles for the purposes of avoiding making replacements to principal roles a week before opening... So, as we await word from Mr Burrelle, know that the cast list for Fiddler on the Roof will not be posted until later in the day on Thursday on the FA6 call board. My thanks to Kayla for getting this info up early (as I cannot post from the school... grrrr...)

[edited by John, 10:10pm]

03 February 2008

Much Ado Date Changes

Much Ado About Nothing IS MOVING from a Feb 14 Opening to a Feb 20 opening and will be running for four nights over the single weekend, closing Feb 23.

Regionals Results - Congratulations

YAY!!.. We done purty good. This is a congratulatory post concerning our efforts at Lebanon HS on Sat. I will update it as I go thru the score sheets today. Meanwhile:

State Qualifiers (top 10%)
  • Jacob Schatz - Solo Acting
  • Adam Chimeo and Erin Ebert - Duo Dramatic
Regional Finalists (2nd 10%)
  • Kayla Garrett, Jenny Warren, and Tyler Spano - Solo Acting
  • Kayla Garrett and Dylan Gutridge - Duo Comedic
Section Winners (top score in room in a round, not counting those already listed above, who were section winners in at least one round)
  • Warren (Solo Mus), Klemp et al (Grp Mus), Ashley & Cyr (Duo Com), Schwarz (Solo Act), Chimeo (Solo Act)