03 January 2008

Writers' Strike Info (prompted by Jacob)

At some level, there is no news on the WGA strike. The main production entities are still refusing a seat at the negotiating table. On the other hand, there is some news. 1: World Wide Pants, a small production company that owns both of the Late Night shows that air on CBS (Letterman and the other guy) negotiated a separate deal and so those two shows are again on the air and are actually being written. 2. Jay Leno and Conan O'Brian also are back on the air, but there are no scripts for those shows. No written monologues, no scripted bits. Guests either conversing or performing music or standup, and that is all. Conan and Dave have grown "Strike Beards" which are pretty cool. Leno's chin is clean shaven. 3. Leno booked Mike Huckabee for last night (Huck was also the GOP winner in Iowa today, though that is off topic) and that garnered wide press because Huck was unaware the WGA was still striking NBC. You'd think the presumptive front runner for a Presidential nomination could bother to track current events.

Also looming: The Award Shows. As hackneyed as Bruce Villanch's jokes are, they are WGA written - so whoever hosts these gigs is going to have to be able to work without a script. We'll see how that goes.

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