05 January 2008

Shadow of the past...

So... Extra Credit for someone who can tell me the source of something I found...

Emptying my storage unit, I came across a stack of yellow note pads. Most were blank, with pages torn from the front. One had a phone number on it. It was NOT 867 5309. One had the following:
I don't know. The thing that convinced me the most was the testimony of those people across the hall. Didn't they say something about a n argument between the father and son at 7? I don't know. I could be wrong.
It also contained the remainder of that character's lines for that entire act. So... who's (student) notepad is it and from when? Bonus if you can identify which OTHER student is mentioned on the pad by name as the speaker that triggers the NEXT line.

Further humor value from seeing which additional names are on the pad - the owner (three occurances), one other student who was present at the event, and I SUSPECT one other student crossed heavily out. That one, I need the owner to confirm. It true, it is oddly appropriate.

[Update] Answer will Post on Wednesday. No spoiling HERE. Write your answers on actual paper, hand 'em in when you see me. REAL extra credit. I'll be shocked if anyone younger than current juniors get 100% of what I asked for. Underclassmen will be considered for inaccurate, but really funny answers.


Number 10 said...

I don't understand you people! How can you not have answer by now?! Look you know the answer! I don't have tell you! And it doesn't take a whole lot to answer the second question either! No sir! Read through the script and BANG! You've got the answer lying right in front of you!...I could go on...:p

I could tell you, but I'm not a student, so I won't say anything.

By the way: Juno was exceptional. I enjoyed the movie very much.

Is that six inches? said...

I know whose it was, but I'll give someone who wasn't in the play a shot at the extra credit before I answer.

Anonymous said...

hehe this is fun!

Anonymous said...

hey! thats my line

allah, thats a big mind trip