21 January 2008

OK...LATE schedule posting :P

Monday - you missed it - we built, then failed to marry Hero and Claudio on account of her being a s... nevermind
TUES - the deception of Ben and Bea... and pickups with whatever cast that brings in
WEDS - the plotting and scheming - Jonna, Borr, Con, The Watch, Claud, Pedr, and POSS Meg
THUR - Opening Act plus Wedding AGAIN
FRI - FULL CAST 3 pm to 6pm


Jenja said...

thanks doty!

They call me a dick...Ben-a-dick... said...

Ok, well, I think I already talked to you about this weekend, and how my smart-teeth are getting pulled. :(


Anonymous said...

Ok i dident know were else to put this so here it goes. i think my audition is on monday at 5:10 and i have voice lessons out in ashland at 4:30-5:30 so is there any way i can change with someone cause i realy wanted to run my reginal songs with my teacher so yeah. sorry i dident discover this before.And also are we having a practice night for reginals like we did last year? And how much money am i supose to give you?

Thank you so much!

sarah schwarz

Don Vito Corleone said...

I feel like M. Brando :P

(and it hurts)