26 January 2008

Much Ado & Auditions [UPDATED for SNOW - 11pm]

Mon - SNOW - building from 11 to 3, drop ins welcome
Tue - Act II & III
Wed - Act IV & V [Changed due to snow]
Thu - Act I & II [Changed due to snow]
Fri - OFF (Regionals)
Sat - OFF (Regionals)

All Rehersals 5pm until 7:30pm
  • Tuesday and Wednesday will be in an ALTERNATE SPACE (like the Band Room)
  • Yes - they will run concurrently with the Fiddler Auditions, with staff overseeing while I am not there. The objective is to run scenes OVER and OVER getting off book.
  • A Snow Day HAS cancelled rehearsal, but I will still be at the school (I expect around 11am til maybe 3pm?) and people who can SAFELY travel are welcome to join me.
  • The Snow Day will also shift auditions. For now, consider Tuesday to be as scheduled and Weds to be the old Monday audition slots.
More to come as known


Anonymous said...

Hey Doty, what about the auditions on Monday and Tuesday? Won't the scheduled rehearsal overlap the time slots for the auditions?

Just wondering

#2 said...

In case of a snow day, would we still have rehearsals?

dillon said...

Hey Doty check out what i made...


Anonymous said...

So what's going on wih auditions now that A SNOW DAY (yeah!!!!) has cancelled school.

- A Red Headed Succubus.

Jenja said...

thank you O bountiful benevolent weather king.
you have earned your promotion. expect a new company badge in the mail. :)