10 January 2008

Much Ado about the Week of 1/14

Note the date. We open in One Month!!!

Build Day - Saturday 10am until 4pm... sorry, NFL fans...maybe we can get live updates of games over my laptop :P

MON 1/14, 5pm, 2 hrs - I.2, I.3, II.2, III.2
TUE 1/15, 4pm, 1.5 hrs - end of I.1, II.3, III.1
WED 1/16, 5pm, 2 hrs - V.3, V.4
THU 1/17, 5pm, 2 hrs - III.5, V.1
FRI 1/18, 5pm, 2 hrs - III.4, V.2

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Doty,
It's Shelby my mom has a glass Shasta seltzer bottle ands she says we can use it closer to the actual performances so that it is less likely to get broken. As well as a couple of lamps that she thinks you might want to take a look at I'll take picture of everything and bring them to school tomorrow.