19 January 2008

MONDAY - Work and Rehearsal

We will be in the theater from 10am until 4pm building, we will then take an hour for food, then rehearse from 5 until 7pm. ALL CAST are called for the rehearsal, since we will be having costuming measurements and meetings taking place, concurrently.

The remainder of the week's schedule will post BEFORE Monday.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I did tell you this but I just wanted to write it down so you would remember. On Monday I am working in the afternoon so I can come to a part of the build day but not the actual rehearsal.

that is all

Benadick said...

I'm going to watch The Godfather tonight.


Anonymous said...

Bah. 'tis monday, yet there be no "remainder of the week" schedule.

You lied to me, Doty. I'll never forget this.