30 January 2008

Bah. Snow

OK... now the MONDAY auditions will take place on THURSDAY... Casting won't be done until AT LEAST the WEEKEND. NO Rehearsal today. Much Ado MIGHT be seeing a Date Change to Feb 20-23 with only one weekend. No additional news, as of now.

28 January 2008

Nothing else today....

...I took off from the theater at about 1pm (out of screws and tasks only one person could do... TJ kept me company at the tail end, but I got a fair amount done, given what CAN'T start until after Rachel's Challenge.

The melting is looking like we might get a school day tomorrow, but we shall see what night brings in terms of temps and precip!

26 January 2008

Much Ado & Auditions [UPDATED for SNOW - 11pm]

Mon - SNOW - building from 11 to 3, drop ins welcome
Tue - Act II & III
Wed - Act IV & V [Changed due to snow]
Thu - Act I & II [Changed due to snow]
Fri - OFF (Regionals)
Sat - OFF (Regionals)

All Rehersals 5pm until 7:30pm
  • Tuesday and Wednesday will be in an ALTERNATE SPACE (like the Band Room)
  • Yes - they will run concurrently with the Fiddler Auditions, with staff overseeing while I am not there. The objective is to run scenes OVER and OVER getting off book.
  • A Snow Day HAS cancelled rehearsal, but I will still be at the school (I expect around 11am til maybe 3pm?) and people who can SAFELY travel are welcome to join me.
  • The Snow Day will also shift auditions. For now, consider Tuesday to be as scheduled and Weds to be the old Monday audition slots.
More to come as known

21 January 2008

OK...LATE schedule posting :P

Monday - you missed it - we built, then failed to marry Hero and Claudio on account of her being a s... nevermind
TUES - the deception of Ben and Bea... and pickups with whatever cast that brings in
WEDS - the plotting and scheming - Jonna, Borr, Con, The Watch, Claud, Pedr, and POSS Meg
THUR - Opening Act plus Wedding AGAIN
FRI - FULL CAST 3 pm to 6pm

19 January 2008

MONDAY - Work and Rehearsal

We will be in the theater from 10am until 4pm building, we will then take an hour for food, then rehearse from 5 until 7pm. ALL CAST are called for the rehearsal, since we will be having costuming measurements and meetings taking place, concurrently.

The remainder of the week's schedule will post BEFORE Monday.

11 January 2008

Read Thrus for the One Acts!

Adam's shows are reading thru a week from today!
  • WASP at 4pm
  • Actor's Nightmare at 4:30
  • Comic vs Fiction at 5pm
Info posted in the FA 6 lobby. Adam and Jen will get posting rights here for the duration of the production.

10 January 2008

Much Ado about the Week of 1/14

Note the date. We open in One Month!!!

Build Day - Saturday 10am until 4pm... sorry, NFL fans...maybe we can get live updates of games over my laptop :P

MON 1/14, 5pm, 2 hrs - I.2, I.3, II.2, III.2
TUE 1/15, 4pm, 1.5 hrs - end of I.1, II.3, III.1
WED 1/16, 5pm, 2 hrs - V.3, V.4
THU 1/17, 5pm, 2 hrs - III.5, V.1
FRI 1/18, 5pm, 2 hrs - III.4, V.2

06 January 2008

REHEARSALS - Week ONE of "Much Ado..."

MONDAY - 5pm-7pm (approx) READ THRU - FULL CAST, Production Crew
TUESDAY - 5pm- 6:30 (approx) Wedding Interupted - Act IV, Scene 1
WEDS (Switch)- 5pm- 6:30 (approx) Opening - Act I, scene 1
THUR (Switch)- 5pm- 6:30 (approx) Arrest and Depostion - Act III, scene 3 / Act IV, scene 2
FRIDAY 4pm- 5:30 (approx) "Dinner" - Act II, scene 1

From this schedule, you should realize something very quickly: YOU are expected to know what scenes you are in. If you speak, the script will clearly indicate it. If you are PRESENT, but silent, I will be letting you know. We have approximately 5 weeks from 1st rehearsal until opening. Most rehearsals will be from 5pm and will last 90 minutes to 2 hours, with some actors releasing early and some not called at the beginning of the session. Exceptions: Any night when the boys basketball team plays at home, we will start at 4pm and rarely run longer than 90 minutes.

PLAN NOW to NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR WORK or MOST OTHER COMMITTMENTS from Feb 7 until we open. Plan Homework around that crunch time, too. FEBRUARY 9 will be a Rehearsal Day (ONLY WEEKEND REHEARSAL.)

February 11, 12, & 13 will be 5pm call for costume and make-up, with actual rehearsal starting at 7pm and running UNTIL WE FINISH, which will get closer to 9pm each time, but will run OVER almost certainly. Prepare your parents NOW, please.

We must stage the entire show during the first two weeks. and be mostly off book in that same time. We will then have 2 more weeks for character and polish. And then we are in tech... and then we have an audience.

05 January 2008

Local Movie Audition - SUNDAY

A local movie (horror) to be shot at Mon Desir restaurant.

Audtions continue Sunday (they had them Sat, too)

info in an article HERE from the Mail Trib

Shadow of the past...

So... Extra Credit for someone who can tell me the source of something I found...

Emptying my storage unit, I came across a stack of yellow note pads. Most were blank, with pages torn from the front. One had a phone number on it. It was NOT 867 5309. One had the following:
I don't know. The thing that convinced me the most was the testimony of those people across the hall. Didn't they say something about a n argument between the father and son at 7? I don't know. I could be wrong.
It also contained the remainder of that character's lines for that entire act. So... who's (student) notepad is it and from when? Bonus if you can identify which OTHER student is mentioned on the pad by name as the speaker that triggers the NEXT line.

Further humor value from seeing which additional names are on the pad - the owner (three occurances), one other student who was present at the event, and I SUSPECT one other student crossed heavily out. That one, I need the owner to confirm. It true, it is oddly appropriate.

[Update] Answer will Post on Wednesday. No spoiling HERE. Write your answers on actual paper, hand 'em in when you see me. REAL extra credit. I'll be shocked if anyone younger than current juniors get 100% of what I asked for. Underclassmen will be considered for inaccurate, but really funny answers.

03 January 2008

Writers' Strike Info (prompted by Jacob)

At some level, there is no news on the WGA strike. The main production entities are still refusing a seat at the negotiating table. On the other hand, there is some news. 1: World Wide Pants, a small production company that owns both of the Late Night shows that air on CBS (Letterman and the other guy) negotiated a separate deal and so those two shows are again on the air and are actually being written. 2. Jay Leno and Conan O'Brian also are back on the air, but there are no scripts for those shows. No written monologues, no scripted bits. Guests either conversing or performing music or standup, and that is all. Conan and Dave have grown "Strike Beards" which are pretty cool. Leno's chin is clean shaven. 3. Leno booked Mike Huckabee for last night (Huck was also the GOP winner in Iowa today, though that is off topic) and that garnered wide press because Huck was unaware the WGA was still striking NBC. You'd think the presumptive front runner for a Presidential nomination could bother to track current events.

Also looming: The Award Shows. As hackneyed as Bruce Villanch's jokes are, they are WGA written - so whoever hosts these gigs is going to have to be able to work without a script. We'll see how that goes.

02 January 2008


With the area around the FA Building completely torn up, we are going to hold off on build days.

Mean time - CAST of MUCH ADO should be reviewing their scripts.
FIRST REHEARSAL will be a READ THRU on MONDAY, JAN 7 at 5:00pm
EVERYONE IS EXPECTED TO BE THERE!!!! That includes production staff.

Only people not called are the handful of non-speaking roles that are yet uncast (though two are pretty firm, based on interest being brought to my attention)