25 December 2008

I'd be remiss...

... if I didn't post news about Battlestar Galactica - so Grant and Kayla can make sure nothing has been missed and so Jacob and Chase can taunt me...

"Face of the Enemy" is the third set of Webisodes used to bridge seasons for BSG -- the first set dealt with the occupation of New Caprica, the second gave us backstory to Viper Pilot Bill "Husker" Adama, during the First Cylon War ... this one tells a story of six people alone in a Raptor ... and given Jacob's upcoming show, the fact that they start dying one after the next (electrocution, morphine OD, etc...), it seems very apropos.

Unlike prior Webisodes, this one has a principal cast member throughout (Grace Park plays two Eights). "Resistance" did use Galen and Cally Tyrol as well as Saul Tigh, and Tigh is in this, too.. along with Racetrack, Hoshi, and Felix Gaeta. The Razor flashbacks to young Bill Adama used largely unknowns, even familiar characters were played by different actors because of the time shift.

Filming took place during the breakdown of the BSG series sets as shooting wrapped on the Miniseries "The Plan" -- people interested in filmmaking can watch the 'enhanced' versions, which feature commentary by webisode co-writer and BSG co-exec producer Jane Epsenson. Production logistics, working around cast and set demands with a concurrent production, and the complications of shooting when two characters are being played by the same performer...

And of course, this is in-part to prep the Twelve Angry Juror cast for filming in the coming weeks. It's a somewhat different mind set working for the camera rather than on stage. And just because we are used to long-form storytelling on film (22 minute or 47 minutes for typical TV shows, around 2 hours for today's motion pictures), we'll be working for about 2 minutes, the webisodes run 3...

Hope the break is treating everyone well... I am dealing with a throat thing. Ugh. Hope it's better in time for my basketball tourney on the 29th.. come support the hoops team!

04 December 2008

directed by Jacob Schatz
Production Dates: Feb 26-28
by arrangement with Dramatists Play Service

Helsa Wenzel ... Katy Young
Elsa von Grossenknueten... Kelsey Garrett
Marjorie Baverstock... Gabby Mahon
Nikki Crandall ... Sarah Schwarz
Bernice Roth ... Rachel Sinner
Michael Kelly ... Grant Hendrix
Eddie McCuen ... Tyler Spano
Patrick O'Reilly - Jordan Buttolph
Ken de la Maize ... Chris Boutin
Roger Hopewell ... Dylan Gutridge
directed by Jenny Warren
Production Dates: Mar 12-14
by arrangement with Dramatists Play Service

Beatrice ... Sa'Rina Roth
Tillie ... Liberty Parnell
Ruth ... Sandra Schaefer
Nanny ... Brianna Gowland
Janice ... Gabby Mahon

03 December 2008

Murders and Marigolds Casting

Jacob and Jenny have posting rights on this site for the duration of their productions. Their first posts (I expect within the next 48 hours) will be cast lists for ...Murders... and ...Marigolds... Keep an eye here :).

Bowmer Dates

Our Bowmer dates are set (in case you wanna tell your employers NOW):
Mar 4 - MUSIC MAN - leave NMHS 1:00pm, return approx 6:15pm Show & Post Show Discuss
Mar 17 - MACBETH - leave NMHS 10:00am, return approx 5:15pm Back Stage Tour, Show, & Post Show Discuss

30 November 2008

SUPER Busy in the lead up to vacation

  • We have Auditions this week for the Student-produced plays.
  • We have a concert in the auditorium on Saturday (means serious cleaning/organizing/floor painting)
  • We have the SOPTV Talent Showcase (90 second multi-camera filmed scene from Twelve Angry Jurors), filming Dec 18 - blocks 2-4 (inc lunch) - this will require a casting session, too (SOON). This will be in the LT and will require a quick set rebuild under very tight time constraints
  • We have Winter Assembly short scene to prep, performing Dec 19 - need to select a text and cast it
  • We have production support of Renaissance Dinner all this week leading into next.

16 November 2008


is currently living at my home. Per Sandra's request, I am asking about a 'classroom cat.' More later.

23 October 2008

FUTURE rehearsals, Philly Story

There is a Facebook event, Philadelphia Story @ NMHS, which all you with Facebook should A: attend and B: invite people too.

Sun 11/16: OFF
Mon 11/17: DRESS REHEARSAL, 5pm call, 7pm curtain, late end
Tue 11/18: DRESS REHEARSAL, 5pm call, 7pm curtain, late end
Wed 11/19: DRESS REHEARSAL, 5pm call, 7pm curtain, late end
Thu 11/20: OPEN - 5pm Call - Meal provided - 7pm curtain, 9:30 end (hope)
Additional Shows:
Fri Eve (5pm call), Sat Mat (11am call), meal in-between, Sat Eve (5pm call), Mon Eve (5pm call), & Tues Eve (5pm call)

13 October 2008

Philly Story Schedule

Homework - have all scripts marked (pencil please), answer the "what am I doing?" & "what do I want?" questions for each time you enter the stage.


THIS WEEK (10/27-10/31) - Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 4pm to 6pm; Tue 6pm to 8pm
MON - Tracy, Dexter, Mike
TUE - Act II (complete, though not in order, neccessarily)
WED - All scenes with George
THU - All scenes w/o Tracy (I know, there are so many)
FRI - Act I (complete, in order)

Volunteers - What we need!!

Hi, All!!

There was a parent meeting tonight - not much in the way of attendance, but we do have the following tasks lined up for Philly Story:

Props Wrangler - Mr Spano
Concessions Coordination - Mrs Gutridge
Costume Coordination - Mrs Stone
Publicity Coordination - Mrs Garrett

We will start work days each Saturday, 11am to 3pm. This week, we need to prep the space and catalog materials needed. We MAY buy and unload some, too. Next week, we will try to build out the bulk of the show.

09 October 2008

Casting - The Philadelphia Story

Truth be told, we could have cast this show TWICE with the female talent that auditioned... several very strong female performances were left with nothing to show for it except (and this is important) me recognizing your talent is impressive. The other point (also important) is academic eligibility factored into some of the decisions this go around, with both genders. Size of roles for some were reduced to lessen our exposure should we lose someone to grades late in the run. Some people were not cast at all as a result of these concerns. The final issue on this one is the scary short production calendar - five weeks (a continuing crunch from the Lear delay) is too short for comfort. Some casting choices were made with that in mind, as well.

Tracy Lord......Kayla Garrett
Dinah Lord......Kelsey Garrett
Margaret Lord......Jenny Warren
Alexander (Sandy) Lord......Tyler Spano
William (Uncle Willie) Tracy......Jacob Schatz
Elizabeth (Liz) Embry......Gabby Mahon
Macauley (Mike) Connor......Chase Medeiros
George Kittredge......Grant Hendrix
CK Dexter Haven......Dylan Guttridge
Seth Lord......Willie Sloan
Thomas / Crew / Understudy......Jordan Buttolph
Elsie/ Crew / Understudy......Danielle Mannino
Mac / Crew/ Understudy......TJ Todd
May / Crew / Understudy......Brianna Gowland
Edward / Crew......Dillon Kline

Scripts were ordered on Tuesday and will likely arrive either tomorrow or Monday. Monday's rehearsal (4pm) is a read thru.
Sandra Schaefer is the production stage manager. I will be designing the bulk of the physical set, though set dressing may be someone else's gig. Kelsie Miller will likely be the lead on construction in StageCraft class. Katy Young will be the main wrangler of logistics back stage. Isabelle Schuler will also have some backstage duties (costume coordinator, Belle? Talk to me). The actors who are playing the 'help' (two butlers, two maids, and a night watchman) will be the scene change crew.

04 October 2008

Nicely Done - Cast of Lear!

Clockwise from top left: Gloucester, Lear and Kent (TJ Todd, Dylan Gutridge, and Grant Hendrix) on the heath; Gloucester arrested by Cornwall (TJ Todd and Jordan Buttolph); Lear carries his slain daughter Cordelia (Dylan Gutridge and Kayla Garrett); Cornwall mortally wounded (Jordan Buttolph)
- all photos by Diana Garrett

28 September 2008

Notes - Lear (part 1)


Some general notes first: Lines, Entrances, Focus, Volume, Pace, Clarity :)

We ran 4 hours, including intermission, which isn't bad for the first time we installed pretty much all the scene things for the first time. Still limited additional scenic stuff to add, but not much (hovel, mostly, plus the 'trial' furniture)

If we account for the scene change installs, we ran closer to 2:50. However, the addition of delays while awaiting entrances accounted for over 20 minutes all on its own.

I still believe our ACTUAL running time is very close to 2:30, but we HAVE to merge the energy levels of the speed thrus (which are averaging just UNDER 2 hours) and character and clarity of the longer runs.

Kent - the sword tricks are cut. Just posture; no twirling
Lear & Edgar - Lines in the second half
Lear - find more alternatives to 'angry'
Edgar & Cornwall, & to a lesser extent Regan - posture and carriage - focus constantly on the age and station of your characters and how it isn't the same as your own.
Regan - the importance of Edmund's availability needs to still go higher, both in convo with Oswald and with Edmund.. may even want to see some begging on your knees.
Drunks - still need to have less 'distraction'
Edgar & Edmund - the fight is IMPRESSIVE in it's speed and ferocity. Please stay crisp and remember to run it air sword each day, slow preshow and full speed preshow.
ALL FIGHTS - remember to run daily, before. SAFE
Goneril & Regan - much more... cold... in your dismissing of Lear's concerns
Regan - much better with posture and poise
Servant 1 - WELL DIED!!
Goneril - I love when you kick poppa out. Yer so mean

Everyone - Save your voices

There will be scene order lists posted with CHANGES noted and numbers of people needed to execute.

Look for more notes after I get back from a dinner w/ family.

16 September 2008


A letter has been sent via snailmail to all parents with kids in theater classes or who are troupe members. Diana Garrett is organizing a parent meeting on the 24th at 7pm in the Little Theater! please come!

The mailers were eaten by the district postage machine, so we are having to relabel and remail, forcing a delay into the post-Lear timeframe

15 September 2008

Rehearsals Ongoing [UPDATED - now includes week 4 & Prod week]

THIS WEEK Sep 15-21
Mon - Begin to Intermission 4 - 6:30pm
Tue - Full Cast Intermission to End 4 - 6:30pm
Wed - Full Cast Begin to Intermission 4 - 6pm
Thu - Full Cast Intermission to End 4 - 6pm
Fri - Full Cast Speed Thru 4 - 6pm
SAT - SEWING DAY - 11am - 4pm
NEXT WEEK (all CREW now) Sep 22-28
Mon - Begin to Intermission 4 - 6:30pm
Tue - Intermission to End 4 - 6:30pm
Wed - Run Thru 4 - 7pm
Thu - Run Thru 4 - 7pm
Fri - Speed Thru 4 - 6pm
SAT - Tech 11am - 4pm,
Dinner - 6pm
Run Thru - 7pm til finished (10:00 is likely)

Week of Show (Sep 29 - Oct 4), 5:30 call, 7pm curtain, 10pm RUN finished, with some time needed for notes after. Dinner will be served on Oct 1 @ 5pm

10 September 2008

Call for Sewing!

Coming up a week from Saturday - Sewing Party to create the bulk of the costumes for this show.

We need 4-6 people who are comfortable with a sewing machine.. and we may need a couple of sewing machines, too (I think the theater has three). MOST of the costumes will be laid out and measured and cut during stagecraft next week. We will want to have an assembly line of sorts - one to do neck facings, one to do neck and sleeve trim, one or two to close side seems, one to hem the sleeves and base of the tunics. A few specialty items are also needed... little round buttonholes on the sideless surcotes, some 3/4 circle hooded cloaks, and possibly some items of fabric that will LOOK like leather armor parts.

If you have the skills or the machine AND have the time, please RSVP in comments that you can make it Saturday 11am to 3pm, 10 days from now.

03 September 2008

RENT in Oregon high schools

Two schools in Oregon will be doing RENT this year - this is for our alumi, mostly - go see it!!!

South Eugene High School - Oct 23 through Nov 9
Wilson High School (Portland) - Feb 19 through Mar 1

I am hoping the SEHS production is good enough to warrant a Showcase at this year's State Conference. (though they'd need to apply for a second license... but they scheduled perfectly to do so...)

Eugene is an easy road trip, for folks who REALLY want to go.

26 August 2008

MANY CHANGES!! Lear and Beyond!

OK - 1st note that the remodel has finally directly impacted my room. The details will be explained later, but the short version is it has forced a relocation and reschedule of Lear, which has (in turn) delayed Philadelphia Story (but not much). It also effects rehearsals for the rest of this week.

WEDNESDAY 4-5 Cliff Talk: Edgar, Gloucester, Old Man; 5-6 Gouging: Cornwall, Regan, Gloucester, Servants

THURSDAY 4-5: Fool, Kent, Lear, Gloucester, Edgar, Gentlemen; 5-6: Regan, Goneril, Oswald, Albany, Edmund

FRIDAY 2-4: Whoever can make it - we will make something happen :)

25 August 2008

This Week (8/25)

Rehearsing in the Band room at 5pm continues... if fight stuff is going to add in, it could be at other times... hopefully, I will know this tomorrow. We will shift into the LT as soon as it is possible to do so.

22 August 2008

Energy Drinks = BAD

I see a lot of energy drinks in our program. I don't think particularly highly of them. Seems some science backs up my instincts.

The upshot? it messes with your blood. In some yucky bad ways.

So. Be smart about what you're doing, eh? That is all.

Also FRIDAY at the GARRETT'S.. and Dylan, remember the DVD, plz.

19 August 2008

Go see Oklahoma!

OCPA's (oops) CMTO's production of Oklahoma is at the Crate this weekend! Get tickets and go see Isabelle!



15 August 2008


The plan for now is MON thru FRI, [TIME CHANGE (slight)] 5:00 to 7:30pm, FULL CAST - working Begin to Intermission.

We WILL end early on Mon (7pm) and Thu (6:30pm).

EVERYONE really is called... if we are doing a scene you aren't part of, you'll be doing line work with whoever else isn't working.



If you are reading this, call two cast members and make sure they know, too :)

06 August 2008


Easiest entrance is a walkway in between 516 and 524 Eastwood
it is adjacent to my house, so we have bathrooms and drinking water, and we can mark out stage dimensions easily using materials I have on hand.

Staff, please attend as often as possible
Satan and Lola are needed as Goneril and Regan understudies

Wed, Aug 13
4pm - 6:15pm I.1-4 (ALL)
[update - I have to be somewhere by 6:30, so...]

Thu, Aug 14
5pm - 8pm Intermission to End (ALL) [change to start time]

Fri, Aug 15
5pm - 8pm Begin to Intermission (ALL) [change to start time]

05 August 2008


The "Toss" from The Daily Show to the Colbert Report on the evening of Monday, Aug 4, was the Alphabet game.

Thespians w/o Certificates

IF you were inducted in 2007 or 2006 and you do NOT have a certificate, please let me know. I am making a replacement credentials order and my memory is that we have 5? or maybe 6? Jenja? Sword? Tessa? I can't recall who all, but I know there are a handful.

Let me know within the first week of school (but NOW would be better :))

29 July 2008

Two .pdf files of use to the tech types [UPDATED]


[UPDATE] Satan, I have two costuming books for you to borrow... when/where for delivery?

22 July 2008

Remember in Wayne's World...

... when Wayne and Garth are playing hockey on the street and the psycho ex-girlfriend rides by on the bicycle? Well, Jenny now has a similar visual, only this one involves a scooter and a teacher. You'll have to ask her.

Read Thru and Combat [re UPDATED (again)] - Now with Sprinkles!

the combat news first - there is no combat news. We are waiting on word about a grant that helps pay for it.

read-thru news -no matter WHEN we do it, we lose at least one daughter, it seems, SO... the Full Cast Read will be 2pm July 30. Everyone is expected (though I know there are a handful of conflicts). I'd like to do one additional read-thru on the 28 for staff (mostly to consider things more technical) and for anyone who can't make the 30th.
[UPDATE AGAIN (I should be shot)]
The 28th will be at 2pm (time change to ORIGINAL) at the Garrett's.
The Full Cast read will be on the 30th at 3pm (note time change that SHOULDA BEEN) at the Pollock's.

28th would be (for sure): Sarah (conflict on the 30th) and the Jordan W, Kelsey, Rachel, Gabby quartet that are staff. We have Kayla for 2 1/2 hours (and IF POSSIBLE, I'd Like Dylan to come to both). Obviously, we'd be reading multiple roles :) That read may take a little longer, too, as we will be having brief stops to discuss tech/design/logistical stuff.


18 July 2008

CASTING - Cornwall [FINAL]

[Original] If I have approached you about playing Cornwall - this is the deal. I need a FIRM YES emailed (not posted in comments) by Saturday Morning.[Remainder snipped]

[UPDATE] NOONE emailed...so, I am going with the only one who didn't hesitate to say they'd do it. Not waiting for a script, nor "I'll let you know" but simply "YES"

Opportunities are fickle things. You'd like to have flexibility, and oftentimes those extending offers wish they could be flexible, however, we can't really. In this case, we are working with staggered cast availability and stage combat directed by a guest artist, so no room too spare.

So, I've spoken with three members of the BTT program, and while all three seemed favorably inclined, my "I need to know by" prompting, both at the time of asking and in posting here, got ONE unambiguous, proactive statement affirming "I will do it."

That being the case, the role of Cornwall (and other non speaking work as part of the ensemble) belongs to Jordan Buttolph. Congratulations!

Note please: While we have fun, we also work and have deadlines. We cannot be casual about things that are time sensitive. Having a full cast is such a thing. ALSO having Performance Rights... so... the subject perhaps of my next post.

17 July 2008

Dark Knight

A random sampling tells me that myself and Peter English have tickets to the 12:04. Who all is going and when? I'll probably scooter over sometime around 10pm and bring something to read... or bring Batman Begins and my laptop.

Also for kicks (literally) and giggles: myself and troupe 358 Thespian Andrew Robinson open our summer league soccer season tonight at 7pm at Fichtner Park over in the south end of town. Other notables (connected to either North or Theater) on the squad, NMHS girls' varsity coach Lu Crenshaw, troupe 1777 (Phoenix) members Megan Burr (she was our audition PA for Our Town and Tempest) and Callie Fleeger. I think NMHS player Ashley Chambers is also on our team, but that I haven't actually seen her, yet, and we have one former NMHS boys player (from like 2002ish?).

[UPDATED] Fight Choreography - possible earlier than Aug 1 rehearsals

Hey all. We will have combat training from Christopher Duval (currently at OSF as Roderigo in Othello). He will want 4 hours training time with the actors who have combat, and 10 hours rehearsing the actual fights. Some actors won't need ALL of that.

Actors who HAVE to have this training: Kent, Gloucester, Oswald, Cornwall (still uncast), 1st Servant, Edgar, Edmund, Regan. [UPDATE] These named people need to be OFF BOOK on their fight pages BEFORE we start these sessions.

EVERYONE would benefit from being at the training - covering unarmed and armed combat, even if not a full participant.

I'll know more soon. But it might be in the next week and a half. (if that is a panic "No way can I do it, Doty" moment for any of the named characters above? then let me know soon)

Also, scripts: the .pdf will mean you all have the same page numbers. If you grab the .doc, you can edit in additional cuts, but if you don't have the fonts I have, the pagination may be off.

14 July 2008

Coriolanus [Updated]

We went, it was fun, but I need space on the page, so...

10 July 2008

Prepping your scripts!

YOU SHOULD ALL HAVE SCRIPTS!!! If you don't, PLEASE tell me. I'll get you one. You can download them (links in earlier post)

ONCE YOU GET THEM (and I know some of you already do this or some alternate version of it that will work just as well):
  • Highlight your own lines
  • Use post-it tabs to mark YOUR PAGES in one color
  • Use post-it tabs to mark 5 pages either side of your on stage time in a DIFFERENT color
  • Then find and mark NON speaking parts that enter and exit comfortably away from your speaking roles. Some of these may be you, too :)
  • Within your speaking roles, find and mark the "Hard Stops" (period, question marks, exclamation points -- . ? !). Be particularly aware of such stops that come mid-line in a speech that is verse. (why will become important later)
  • Further, look at places where the words themselves imply shifts in thought or behavior and again, make marks (this too will be important later)
  • Make margin notes about props you THINK you might need for a scene EARLY in rehearsal process.
AND CHECK THE IMMEDIATELY EARLIER POST - I need to know about Read Thru Scheduling and Coriolanus availability REAL SOON :)

09 July 2008

[UPDATED] Read Thru date - PLEASE COMMENT + Coriolanus

This is an availability request concerning WHEN we hold the read thru for this show.

I would like TWO, actually... one with a subset of staff, very soon and one with full cast. The original planned full cast read was Aug 1, but since that is a Friday, I am catching some weekend travel conflicts, SO, I want to know about Weds, July 30. [UPDATE OR Mon, July 28] PLEASE IN COMMENTS include whether you are or are not available on July 30, and if so, a range of time (I am considering late afternoon or early evening, but if everyone wants mid morning, I can certainly adapt).

As you see this, please direct the rest of the cast to it as well. I need this information settled by the beginning of next week (roughly July 15).

Remember also, we have Coriolanus on July 15 at 2pm - I'll be picking up the tickets at about 1:15 and the house opens at 1:30. IF YOU CAN'T GO, I NEED TO KNOW... there are 3 people in the queue for unused tickets.
[UPDATE - The upshot is, I really should see around 20 comments in this thread by the weekend, so I know if I have extra seats for OSF]

05 July 2008

Purty Dancin' in a Park :)

Starting this coming (July 7) Monday (and then every Monday through July), Ballet Rogue (the same dance company that brings us the Nutcracker each year) offers "Ballet in the Park" - a free dance concert at the bandshell in Lithia Park. The local company is joined this year by dancers from Ballet Fantastique (from Eugene). Show starts at 7:30 PM and most seating is on blankets - come early for good sight lines! If you have little siblings (age 5-9) who like to dance, Ballet Rogue also offers a class each performance Monday morning from 9:30 to 10:15 am, and a second class (ages 10 and up) from 10:15 to 11:00) both taught by *ehem* Kayla Gar-somebody. The link above is to an article in the Tempo, which also includes contact telephone numbers for the performances. For info on the classes, you should ask Kayla!

01 July 2008

Hancock, 7pm

Yeah, they have a midnight show... but they also have SIX earlier shows, so ... um... I'm going to the first one.

26 June 2008

Lear - Additional Casting Notes, Scripts

Scripts with LINE CUTS are available in .pdf and .doc format to download. I will also be available for physical delivery / pickup of same Friday and o'er the weekend. Post a comment if you need me to do this!

Two additional SPEAKING casts member has been added - Brandon Todd will add France to his heretofore non-speaking duties, while Sandra adds "1st Servant" and gets to die :).

There are words spake by Gentlemen and Soldiers. Those will be distributed amongst the various members of the cast from the second column. Those will also be on stage in various costumes to present in manner servants and soldiers and retinue beyond those with lines. There will be shouting and carousing for some :) Those in the first column are playing only the listed roles.
Lear Dylan Gutridge
Goneril Jen Warren
Regan Sarah Schwarz
Cordelia / Fool Kayla Garrett
Gloucester TJ Todd
Kent Grant Hendrix
Edgar Chase Medeiros
Edmund Tyler Spano
Albany Taylor Ashley
Cornwall Jacob Schatz recast pending
Oswald Sa’Rina Roth
France Brandon Todd
Burgundy / 3rd Servant Dillon Kline
Curan /Messenger / Herald Isabelle Schuler
Old Man / Doctor / 2nd Servant Shelby Mock
1st Servant Sandra Schaefer
Add’l Non-speaking Vassals & Retinue / Running Crew
Rachel Sinner, Kelsey Garrett, Gabby Mahon, Jordan Wright
We need ARMOR & WEAPONS for Cordelia, Edgar, Edmund, Albany, and all the various Soldiery

I also need to speak to Matt and the Luisas about more kissing.

21 June 2008

Movies in the Park

By demand (yes, Jenny -- you happy now? I presume you plan to make some kind of social something happen with these?), here is the Movies in the Park schedule:
  • TONIGHT - Bee Movie
  • June 28 - Transformers
  • July 5 - Surf's Up
  • July 12 - Batman Begins
  • July 19 - The Water Horse
  • July 26 - Order of the Phoenix
  • August 2 - Ferris Bueller
  • August 9 - Shrek III
I would be all over Batman, except I am at Othello that night. I'll be at HP:OotP and maybe Bueller (which may be a 'required' part of the Summer Workshop :P)

As for OTHER movies I plan to do things with: WALL-E (June 28), Hancock (July 2), Dark Knight (July 18), and ... that may be it for the summer. Anyone care to coordinate opening night activities?

13 June 2008

Theft at Ashland

our friends at Ashland had over $5k of brand new sound gear stolen.
Two points:
  1. Keep your ears open for ANY buzz about this incident.
  2. This reinforces the importance of lockup and key awareness.
That is all.

12 June 2008

Who's going to The Hulk?

The upcoming Edward Norton picture has a Zak Penn screenplay - Zak was my first director in college. He was a sophomore who KNEW he was majoring in theater and was therefore taking Directing I, I was a sophomore who knew I was majoring in History and was taking a class called Directed Experiences in Acting to fulfill the distribution requirements outside my major. The scene (for performance in class) was from a script called "How I Got That Story" -- by the time I was done with course, I'd declared as a theater major and was in the cast of two shows going into rehearsal as soon as winter break ended - The Tempest and a student-written piece called Open Eyes, scheduled just like Antigone and Rosencrantz were.

Anyway, Zak seems to do OK when writing comic book adaptations (X2, X3, Elektra, and coming soon, The Avengers). Do we make it a opening night shindig? Or will it just be me and Jacob? :P

[UPDATE] So... no response for the midnight show. I am prolly gonna catch a matinee on Fri

11 June 2008

Excellent Awards

So here's the DVD Extras :) (the awards that weren't given due to inconclusive voting or bad juju) (also TIME consideration)

The Politically incorrect Complexion Award for Ethnic Casting was a virtual tie twixt Grant and Jacob and was potentially more trouble than it was worth.

Sponge was... welll.. I think I am gonna retire that award unless we can make it an In-Character award and give it to another cardboard cow.

Best Kiss was also close between the real life couple in Fantasticks and the Not at All Couple in Much Ado... the balcony sequence did get more votes... I should also note that a kiss that didn't even happen (Hero and Claudio) got several votes...what is up with that?

Froshmore was to Sandra and not close
"Freshman" to Lola and also not close

The things from the International Thespians will be delivered to the school where I can't get them and where I can't work with them, barring some kind of miracle. So certificates will done when ever I can get back into the school. Pins (both Troupe and Activities) will be here in a little over a week.

Someone jar my memory on last year's certificate deficit - Jenny, Angie, Tessa, and SOMEONE ELSE... who was the someone else... it was someone who we weren't gonna lose... Ah well. Moving on.

Next thing is July 15 Coriolanus with the Workshop crew. More soon!

10 June 2008

Induction Seating

is LIMITED!!!!!

There are picnic tables, but it would be helpful if people could bring there own lawn chairs and picnic blankets for the ceremony.

Thanks Again!!!!

we still need a few things for the potuck tomorrow

they are:

a BIG green salad
a BIG jar of pickles
some SLICED tomatoes (for hamburgers)
a FEW MORE desserts (cookies, candy, surprise us)
a FEW MORE salads (fruit, potato, PASTA)

keep in mind the following

1. things to do not have to be home-made...or extravagent....just bring stuff to eat...

2. you are responsible for your party's drinks...(if you bring 6 people, bring enough drinks for those 6 people....)

thanks guys!

09 June 2008

Thespian Inductions are


6 PM

Bear Creek Park (Picnic Area)

It’s a potluck so if you could please RSVP what dish you can bring to feed at least 8 people and drinks to quench your own party (non-alcoholic please) that would be great!
Food must arrive at the park by 5:30 so that we can all start eating at 6. The ceremony will start around 7.
This event is not formal, but please dress nice!

Contact Jenny Warren or Kayla Garrett
(Via myspace or phone numbers if you have them)

Thanks and we’ll see you Wednesday!

(Keep in mind that the Troupe is providing hamburgers, hotdogs and buns...BUT WE STILL NEED CONDIMENTS and salads and desserts...so please please please let us know what you will be bringing so that last minute shopping runs can be made, if it is an absolute necessity, and dont end up with 6,000 plates of brownies and lettuce...and nothing else.)


08 June 2008

Workshop - Line cuts update

I've finished preliminary cuts for Act I. Some of Edmund's monologues about astrology and one of the Fool's songs are among the casualties. Would follks be willing to do a read thru of the thing at some point for timing purposes, to decide if more needs to go? I am thinking, about a week from now? Also have a pretty solid idea on how the ensemble distribution is going to happen.
Remember today and tomorrow (Mon and Tue) are the Focus Group sessions at OSF...

05 June 2008

Coriolanus - July 15

Mark your calendars now - July 15, 2pm curtain (be in Ashland by 1:45 please)

We will be seeing Coriolanus in the New Theater, in part to get a sense of the language again (I find it easier and easier to deal with Shakespeare the more and more I am hearing it), in part to watch an ensemble cover the range of roles, and in part just to watch some good theater.

Most of the seats are in pairs and are scattered all around the theater. Know who your seating buddies will be. There are two sets of THREE.

You are of course on best behavior - any issues of inappropriate audience conduct will have ramifications on both the Lear production and possibly beyond, depending. Not being harsh, just putting it out up front so if I have to be a heavy, there won't be a 'we didn't know' thing.

If folks need rides to Ashland, please let us know here so we can coordinate getting you all to the show.

If you CAN'T go, let me know and I'll open the extra seats up to other Troupe members who may be interested. As of now, we have seats for 19, which is Cast plus Current Production team. Any late addition production staff or crew will mean I try to get some more seats. So far, there are a decent number still available.

04 June 2008

King Lear - Workshop 2008


Characters portrayed by Ensemble (will be assigned by Mid June)


You can get your script from me IMMEDIATELY on THURSDAY

Brandon Todd, Rachel Sinner, Kelsey Garrett, Jordan Wright, and Sandra Schaefer will be the production crew

21 May 2008

Huge FREE Shakespeare opportunity!!

This is an excerpt from email I received this afternoon... I will give the full details in class!
The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is launching a new membership program for young adults called the OSF Players.
This exciting new program is a membership organization for students ages 13-18 with an eye toward creating a deeper relationship with students and teens who come to OSF with student groups.
Sounds cool, yes? Here's the excellent part - they will be doing two focus groups with local students. If you want to be included, you contact them by June 2 indicating interest and you get pizza, soda, and two tickets to Our Town. The two sessions are June 9 & 10 at 5:30pm in Ashland.

I'll provide the contact info and everything else you might be curious about during the remainder of this and next week. I think we should make a point of taking part as much as we can. And yes, this counts for Thespian points.

16 May 2008

[UPDATED] OSF Tickets This Summer plus Summer Workshop

We didn't get the numbers we needed, so now comes PLAN B: Wherein I tell you when I am going anyway and you all get tickets pretty much on your own (I will gladly help you try to get tickets together, if you all want to communicate with me). We can then plan on intermission and post show gab sessions (though I am scheduled post show after Dream).
  • July 8 - Comedy of Errors, 8:30pm - Elizabethan Stage
  • July 9 - Midsummer Night's Dream , 2:00pm - Bowmer Theater
  • July 9 - Clay Cart, 8:30pm - Bowmer Theater
  • July 10 - Our Town, 8:30pm - Elizabethan Stage
  • July 11 - Coriolanus, 2:00pm - New Theater
  • July 12 - Othello, 8:30pm - Elizabethan Stage
4pm to 6pm - 1 1/2 to 2 minute monologue - EITHER gonna be a dark comedy or an adaptation of Shakespeare to fit a cast of 10ish. Two I am looking at pretty closely are The Imaginary Invalid (Moiliere) and The Curious Savage (Patrick) - use the Google to discover more about them. Could be VERY fun...and (if Shakespeare (Lear??)) possibly bloody. Signup sheet goes up on Monday!

11 April 2008

Sallah, 2002-2008 - Farewell

Sallah left us just after 9am on Thursday. I know a lot of you loved him and will miss him.
I have a LONG post about him here, if you want to give it a read. Bring tissue.

08 April 2008

Book for advanced to work from while I am gone...

... IF advanced wants to go this route, there is a book that might be worth looking at while I am gone. It is available on Amazon for $8.80, and I would be willing to facilitate a buy of them (used, it can be had from more like $5, including shipping).

here's the link

If folks want to use the book as a 'guide' for the next 8 weeks, I'll talk to the people who would need to know and see if we can get the book in pretty quick.

Comment please :)

[Updated] 2 of... 27? c'mon people... sound off... ask the non-commenters to please check the site and join the convo.

05 April 2008

You guys ROCK

I am in my hospital room... Kessler was just here and Ms L is here now. I just got off the phone with CJ and they want to come back (after we remodel). AND I hear some of us done super good in some tech areas.


01 April 2008


This will likely be my FINAL Fiddler related posting, but the decision was made today to shift production to May 13-14. More details to come. Sami or Jenny will likely figure out how to post rehearsal and other scheduling updates here in the next couple of days!

Meantime, schedules for the next two weeks are up in the LT lobby and in the Choir Room.

27 March 2008

Schedules and My Health

We don't have schedules up yet because of a conspiracy of fate -- Mr Reppert came back a day later originally planned, yet that meant another reschedule of the planning meeting to tomorrow. HOWever, as some of you are aware, my eyesight has been crap for the past half year or so and I went in on Tuesday to look into that. Without getting into too much drama (heh) about the details, I've been to two additional specialists, had an MRI and am now scheduled to go in for a surgical / endocrine screening tomorrow, which sets the NEXT planning meeting aside. And I might be in surgery before the end of the day tomorrow, so who knows how that will shape up.

More for you all as I know it. I have Mr Warren, Ms Louise, and a few other staff prepped to help cover things like One Act rehearsals and some other things in the run up to State.

Ciao for now!

[I know more - it involves surgery - I won't be in school on Monday until after lunch, cuz I'll be doing some prelim work with the surgeon on Monday morning... I will tell you all much more when I get to school in the afternoon.]

24 March 2008

State Performances

We were asked to do a LOT at State and likely , more than we could or should... thus:

WASP was always planned and will go forward. Comic vs Fiction was always HOPED (we thought it had a shot at SOME honor from the playwriting contest), so will, as well.Actor's Nightmare is fresh in our minds and takes NOTHING to reset, so it is also a go, if needed. The Fantasticks would require a lot more to dust off and several key cast are hesitant, so rather than invite stress and potential for crash, we will set it aside.

23 March 2008

Fiddler Rehearsals [UPDATED]

Reppert and I are meeting on THURSDAY of break to set the bulk of the schedule... FOR NOW, assume FULL CAST call for Mon - Weds of the first week back, and also assume right after school. I know this hits some of the track people, and we will endeavor to not make it a regular thing.



from an email I got this AM:

Auditions continue for an ultra-low-budget feature film to be produced in Southern Oregon by local company Bison Motion Pictures.

"Search for a Vampire" auditions have been set for Saturday, April 5, 2008, from 9 to 11 a.m. and 1 to 4 p.m., at 107 E Main in Medford. Numerous and various speaking parts are available for the comedy, a fake documentary seeking to prove the existence of vampires.

Auditions will be held in the upstairs conference room. Upon entering from the street through the door labeled 107, immediately climb the stairs. The conference room is located in the back of the building.

Information about the film is available on the web site
www.freewebs.com/bisonmotionpictures/searchforavampire.htm. The film also has a MySpace page.

17 March 2008

Next Year

So what to do? What to do?

Two scripts are FIRM, though their calendar slots aren't:

Philadelphia Story, and Clue! are on tap, with two additional shows needed to be indentified.

Clue! will go on the late Feb slot that splits the difference between the winter play and the student production date on the current calendar.

What else? people have some good buzz for both Blithe Spirit and The Importance of Being Earnest. I also hear happy noises about a possible Guys and Dolls

So, what I want to hear from you? In comments, please voice opinions about any scripts already mentioned and add your additional thoughts, please.

06 March 2008

One Acts Coming - WASP, Nightmare, and Comics!

Opening March 13 - 7pm in the Little Theater:

Steve Martin's

presented in cooperation and by arrangement with Samuel French and ICM

Christopher Durang's
Actor's Nightmare

presented in cooperation and by arrangement with Dramatists Play Service

Adam Chimeo's
Comic vs Fiction

an original work
world premier performance

Limited Seating, General Admission
Adult Tickets $5, Students and Seniors $3

21 February 2008

I can POST from Work again!!

Which means during the show or inthe dead time when I can't get home but I can't leave...

And what it means is I can update Schedules!!!

We obviously opened last night - solid performance, dinky crowd
Hoping for better crowds for the next three nights. Meantime... we have a takedown to plan.
I will be here from 11am til approx 2pm to take things partially down. We will also have two hour work parties after school on Mon and Tues....

07 February 2008

Much Ado schedule

SATURDAY 2/9 - BUILD - ALL DAY - 10am until I run out of gas (8pm-ish)
Sunday 2/10 - OFF
Monday 2/11 Cleanups, 5pm; RUN START to INT, 6pm - finished (8:30, I hope)
Tuesday 2/12 - Cleanups, 5pm; RUN INT to END, 6pm - finished (8:30, I hope)
Wednesday 2/13 - FULL RUN 6pm til 9:30pm (INCLUDING NOTES)
Thursday 2/14 - FULL RUN, 4pm til finished (NO NOTES)
Friday 2/15 - SPEED THRU, 4pm to 6:15 (INCLUDING NOTES)
Saturday 2/16 - TECH 11am to 2pm, FULL RUN 5pm til 9pm
Sunday 2/17 - OFF
Monday 2/18 - DRESS - 5pm call, 7pm Curtain - END WHEN FINISHED
Tuesday 2/19 - DRESS - 5pm call, 7pm Curtain
Wednesday 2/20 - OPEN - 5pm Call, 7pm Curtain

06 February 2008

Casting: Fiddler on the Roof

We promised Thursday morning, but were forgetting the crucial step of the Elegibility Check. Wth Much Ado, that check dumped two actors outright and put two more into smaller roles for the purposes of avoiding making replacements to principal roles a week before opening... So, as we await word from Mr Burrelle, know that the cast list for Fiddler on the Roof will not be posted until later in the day on Thursday on the FA6 call board. My thanks to Kayla for getting this info up early (as I cannot post from the school... grrrr...)

[edited by John, 10:10pm]

03 February 2008

Much Ado Date Changes

Much Ado About Nothing IS MOVING from a Feb 14 Opening to a Feb 20 opening and will be running for four nights over the single weekend, closing Feb 23.

Regionals Results - Congratulations

YAY!!.. We done purty good. This is a congratulatory post concerning our efforts at Lebanon HS on Sat. I will update it as I go thru the score sheets today. Meanwhile:

State Qualifiers (top 10%)
  • Jacob Schatz - Solo Acting
  • Adam Chimeo and Erin Ebert - Duo Dramatic
Regional Finalists (2nd 10%)
  • Kayla Garrett, Jenny Warren, and Tyler Spano - Solo Acting
  • Kayla Garrett and Dylan Gutridge - Duo Comedic
Section Winners (top score in room in a round, not counting those already listed above, who were section winners in at least one round)
  • Warren (Solo Mus), Klemp et al (Grp Mus), Ashley & Cyr (Duo Com), Schwarz (Solo Act), Chimeo (Solo Act)

30 January 2008

Bah. Snow

OK... now the MONDAY auditions will take place on THURSDAY... Casting won't be done until AT LEAST the WEEKEND. NO Rehearsal today. Much Ado MIGHT be seeing a Date Change to Feb 20-23 with only one weekend. No additional news, as of now.

28 January 2008

Nothing else today....

...I took off from the theater at about 1pm (out of screws and tasks only one person could do... TJ kept me company at the tail end, but I got a fair amount done, given what CAN'T start until after Rachel's Challenge.

The melting is looking like we might get a school day tomorrow, but we shall see what night brings in terms of temps and precip!

26 January 2008

Much Ado & Auditions [UPDATED for SNOW - 11pm]

Mon - SNOW - building from 11 to 3, drop ins welcome
Tue - Act II & III
Wed - Act IV & V [Changed due to snow]
Thu - Act I & II [Changed due to snow]
Fri - OFF (Regionals)
Sat - OFF (Regionals)

All Rehersals 5pm until 7:30pm
  • Tuesday and Wednesday will be in an ALTERNATE SPACE (like the Band Room)
  • Yes - they will run concurrently with the Fiddler Auditions, with staff overseeing while I am not there. The objective is to run scenes OVER and OVER getting off book.
  • A Snow Day HAS cancelled rehearsal, but I will still be at the school (I expect around 11am til maybe 3pm?) and people who can SAFELY travel are welcome to join me.
  • The Snow Day will also shift auditions. For now, consider Tuesday to be as scheduled and Weds to be the old Monday audition slots.
More to come as known

21 January 2008

OK...LATE schedule posting :P

Monday - you missed it - we built, then failed to marry Hero and Claudio on account of her being a s... nevermind
TUES - the deception of Ben and Bea... and pickups with whatever cast that brings in
WEDS - the plotting and scheming - Jonna, Borr, Con, The Watch, Claud, Pedr, and POSS Meg
THUR - Opening Act plus Wedding AGAIN
FRI - FULL CAST 3 pm to 6pm

19 January 2008

MONDAY - Work and Rehearsal

We will be in the theater from 10am until 4pm building, we will then take an hour for food, then rehearse from 5 until 7pm. ALL CAST are called for the rehearsal, since we will be having costuming measurements and meetings taking place, concurrently.

The remainder of the week's schedule will post BEFORE Monday.

11 January 2008

Read Thrus for the One Acts!

Adam's shows are reading thru a week from today!
  • WASP at 4pm
  • Actor's Nightmare at 4:30
  • Comic vs Fiction at 5pm
Info posted in the FA 6 lobby. Adam and Jen will get posting rights here for the duration of the production.

10 January 2008

Much Ado about the Week of 1/14

Note the date. We open in One Month!!!

Build Day - Saturday 10am until 4pm... sorry, NFL fans...maybe we can get live updates of games over my laptop :P

MON 1/14, 5pm, 2 hrs - I.2, I.3, II.2, III.2
TUE 1/15, 4pm, 1.5 hrs - end of I.1, II.3, III.1
WED 1/16, 5pm, 2 hrs - V.3, V.4
THU 1/17, 5pm, 2 hrs - III.5, V.1
FRI 1/18, 5pm, 2 hrs - III.4, V.2

06 January 2008

REHEARSALS - Week ONE of "Much Ado..."

MONDAY - 5pm-7pm (approx) READ THRU - FULL CAST, Production Crew
TUESDAY - 5pm- 6:30 (approx) Wedding Interupted - Act IV, Scene 1
WEDS (Switch)- 5pm- 6:30 (approx) Opening - Act I, scene 1
THUR (Switch)- 5pm- 6:30 (approx) Arrest and Depostion - Act III, scene 3 / Act IV, scene 2
FRIDAY 4pm- 5:30 (approx) "Dinner" - Act II, scene 1

From this schedule, you should realize something very quickly: YOU are expected to know what scenes you are in. If you speak, the script will clearly indicate it. If you are PRESENT, but silent, I will be letting you know. We have approximately 5 weeks from 1st rehearsal until opening. Most rehearsals will be from 5pm and will last 90 minutes to 2 hours, with some actors releasing early and some not called at the beginning of the session. Exceptions: Any night when the boys basketball team plays at home, we will start at 4pm and rarely run longer than 90 minutes.

PLAN NOW to NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR WORK or MOST OTHER COMMITTMENTS from Feb 7 until we open. Plan Homework around that crunch time, too. FEBRUARY 9 will be a Rehearsal Day (ONLY WEEKEND REHEARSAL.)

February 11, 12, & 13 will be 5pm call for costume and make-up, with actual rehearsal starting at 7pm and running UNTIL WE FINISH, which will get closer to 9pm each time, but will run OVER almost certainly. Prepare your parents NOW, please.

We must stage the entire show during the first two weeks. and be mostly off book in that same time. We will then have 2 more weeks for character and polish. And then we are in tech... and then we have an audience.

05 January 2008

Local Movie Audition - SUNDAY

A local movie (horror) to be shot at Mon Desir restaurant.

Audtions continue Sunday (they had them Sat, too)

info in an article HERE from the Mail Trib

Shadow of the past...

So... Extra Credit for someone who can tell me the source of something I found...

Emptying my storage unit, I came across a stack of yellow note pads. Most were blank, with pages torn from the front. One had a phone number on it. It was NOT 867 5309. One had the following:
I don't know. The thing that convinced me the most was the testimony of those people across the hall. Didn't they say something about a n argument between the father and son at 7? I don't know. I could be wrong.
It also contained the remainder of that character's lines for that entire act. So... who's (student) notepad is it and from when? Bonus if you can identify which OTHER student is mentioned on the pad by name as the speaker that triggers the NEXT line.

Further humor value from seeing which additional names are on the pad - the owner (three occurances), one other student who was present at the event, and I SUSPECT one other student crossed heavily out. That one, I need the owner to confirm. It true, it is oddly appropriate.

[Update] Answer will Post on Wednesday. No spoiling HERE. Write your answers on actual paper, hand 'em in when you see me. REAL extra credit. I'll be shocked if anyone younger than current juniors get 100% of what I asked for. Underclassmen will be considered for inaccurate, but really funny answers.

03 January 2008

Writers' Strike Info (prompted by Jacob)

At some level, there is no news on the WGA strike. The main production entities are still refusing a seat at the negotiating table. On the other hand, there is some news. 1: World Wide Pants, a small production company that owns both of the Late Night shows that air on CBS (Letterman and the other guy) negotiated a separate deal and so those two shows are again on the air and are actually being written. 2. Jay Leno and Conan O'Brian also are back on the air, but there are no scripts for those shows. No written monologues, no scripted bits. Guests either conversing or performing music or standup, and that is all. Conan and Dave have grown "Strike Beards" which are pretty cool. Leno's chin is clean shaven. 3. Leno booked Mike Huckabee for last night (Huck was also the GOP winner in Iowa today, though that is off topic) and that garnered wide press because Huck was unaware the WGA was still striking NBC. You'd think the presumptive front runner for a Presidential nomination could bother to track current events.

Also looming: The Award Shows. As hackneyed as Bruce Villanch's jokes are, they are WGA written - so whoever hosts these gigs is going to have to be able to work without a script. We'll see how that goes.

02 January 2008


With the area around the FA Building completely torn up, we are going to hold off on build days.

Mean time - CAST of MUCH ADO should be reviewing their scripts.
FIRST REHEARSAL will be a READ THRU on MONDAY, JAN 7 at 5:00pm
EVERYONE IS EXPECTED TO BE THERE!!!! That includes production staff.

Only people not called are the handful of non-speaking roles that are yet uncast (though two are pretty firm, based on interest being brought to my attention)