15 December 2007

To Todd or not to Todd, that is the...

... apparently Tinseltown is out of their bleeping minds and doesn't intend to bring Sweeney Todd in until after the holiday. Odd, since it has a tail-whuppin' resume already (Golden Globe nominations for Depp, Bonham-Carter, Burton, and the film, though dubiously in the catagory "Musical or Comedy").

Jacob is working to change this, and given what drek apparently WILL be playing at their 14 screens on Dec 21, we can hope he succeeds.

It might be interesting if several dozen of us go to the box office to pre-buy for a Dec 21 show and then can feign shock and bewilderment. C'mon all you Thespians, go Act Well.... :)

I will update as this changes. Meantime, I may owe Shelby a refund.


Jacob said...

So, I've got some....news.

Our Tinseltown, here in Medford, Oregon is not getting Sweeney Todd for this holiday season. The big wigs of Hollywood say that our Tinseltown is not a "1st rate theatre."

The managers here have no effect on that, neither does the regional leader for the theatre.

I can't do anything about it, I apologize.

So Doty, looks like you have refunds to get to.


Feel free to cry now everyone.

Anonymous said...

I was just at the theater and I asked the ticker taker (haha I couldn't help it) about it and almost went to go kill myself when I found out. I'm sick of waiting!!! What better way to spend the holiday season than seeing multiple throats slit? THERE IS NO BETTER WAY!!! ARGH! If you don't see me ever again... you'll know why I took my own life.

(For those of you who don't know I'm joking... I am... so chill)

Tyler Spano

Anonymous said...

*lights self on fire* This is riddiculous!...Does anyone feel like going on a road trip?

~Amanda C.

John said...

Closest will probably be in Eugene... I will post what I find, but I am NOT (repeat NOT) encouraging people to hop in cars and do a few hundred miles for a movie (though I did it for Crouching Tiger a few years ago).

Anonymous said...


this is the worst news ever.

Anonymous said...