04 December 2007

Supporting the WGA Strike - Live shows

The Upright Citizens Brigade - a NYC based improv theater group with some ties to current 'big comic talent' has been hosting Live episodes on popular shows currently on hiatus during the writers strike. Fairly hard PG13 recaps of Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, and The Colbert Report can be found here, plus a second Colbert Report recap here. The UCB has their own theater - a 150 seat 3/4 round in the basement of a grocery store in NYC. The stage is small enough that we could fit it on our LT stage twice, probably. These three shows were selling for $20 a seat and were line out the door sellouts, with all the proceeds going to the out of work crew of the shows. The writers and most of the big talent were there, though Maya Rudolph missed the SNL show, but that was OK for them as UCB / SNL alum Rachel Dratch was able to fill in for several recurring bits.

The recaps are worth reading not only if you are fans of the shows, but also if you are tuned in to the dynamics of the strike or of the way ccast/crew families can develop on a production.

The Colbert writers also have another YouTube video out... I'll get a link up to that one soon.

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