07 December 2007

Black Tornado Theater on MySpace

We have a MySpace!!!1!!! OMG!!!11!1!

Sorry. Let me age back to my "Very Old, I'd say...nearly 40"

We do have a MySpace Group for Black Tornado Theater. Started by our very own Ashlee K, the group is not incredibly active, but does have a growing archive of production photos (I am trying to provide her with a couple per show, though I don' have ANY for some... Into the Woods, anyone? Antigone?), and could be as hopping and lively as this blog is, given how many people seem to have fallen into the black hole that is MySpace.

It could also be a hook to get more alumni involvement, as they might think to look for their beloved NMHS theater there rather than with Google for the whole Internet (is it just me, but do some MySpace users seem tto think that it IS the whole of the Internet? Sad)


Anonymous said...

well oh well, any ways i saw this was out so i thought i would let you know check it out.


Ginger said...

So I dunno who posted that, but thanks!!!!

Seems pretty chill. I won't express my whole feelings about the Narnia films here since quite a few of you really like them.

That should've given away a bit of my opinion.

Anyways, thanks once again!