18 November 2007

Two Production shots

Two shots from the dress rehearsal of the all-women cast. The one on the left also appeared in the Tempo before opening weekend. Due to a schedule conflict, we had the assistant director on-book as Juror #2 in this rehearsal (she's on the far let of the second shot). We also had an understudy on as #9. Cast will also note when these were, since the Jury Room door hasn't got the final decorative work on the window, nor is there a clock in these shots. Diana Garrett is the photographer. If I can get any blended cast photos, I'll post them, too.


DILLON!!! said...

As one show comes to a close the next work must start...

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd let everyone see,


its Johnny Depp in a studio performing a little more of epiphany. Feel free to check it out. Rather interesting I must say