30 November 2007

This Weekend

Saturday, I will be at the LT from 10:30 am until about 2:00 pm. I can use some help, but not a lot. The only task I will be working on is getting a free-standing door built.

Sunday, I will be here from 12n to 4pm, doing fabric over frames and getting some gluing and sizing done so that Mon and Tues can be painting days...

28 November 2007

Buttermilk Pie

For the people who know me, my fondness for PIE is well-documented. Among my favorites is this southern traditional pie, with the specifics of this recipe coming from my mother's older sister, Janice.

Preheat Oven to 425 and have an unbaked pie shell ready.

In a bowl, mix:
1 1/3 c sugar
3 T flour
1/2 c margarine, melted
2 eggs
1 c buttermilk
1 t lemon extract
2 t vanilla extract

pour filling into pie shell and bake for 10 minutes at 425, then reduce oven temp to 350 and continue to bake for 30-35 minutes. Filling will be a faint golden brown when done.

Note: do NOT substitute butter for margarine.

Variant: as an experiment, this pie was once made with Heavy Cream used in place of buttermilk. The effect is very different, but quite edible.


(best shell recipe is 1 c flour, 1/3 c shortening, pinch salt, 3 T iced water - don't overhandle -benefits from 30 mins chilling before rolling, though not required. Super flakey)

24 November 2007

New Tonight (9pm, SciFI Channel)

A two hour 'movie' episode called 'Razor' details Lee Adama assuming command of Pegasus and flashing back across the time Pegasus experienced from the time of the Cylon attack up until reuniting with the rag-tag fleet.

22 November 2007

RENT - high school premier last week

RENT had its high school premier last week on stage at Truman HS in Bristol Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Article and TV story here: (link), Philly Inquirer story here: (link)

21 November 2007

An idea of what a Pantomime entry at Regionals could possibly be (though you would want to adjust for a stage vs for camera framing). This is Sid Ceasar and an actress I will research in a moment having a quarrel to Beethoven. An actual regionals entry would also need to be shorter by about a minute.

20 November 2007

NOT the Colbert Report

More from the Writers...

Site Council

I'd really like it if one of the students on the site council could be a strong voice for the performing arts. If one of you would be interested, I think it would be to the benefit of Tornado Theater and NM Performing Arts to be represented. Please consider applying! Applications are in Mrs. Kastner's office and must be completed by Dec 7.

18 November 2007

Two Production shots

Two shots from the dress rehearsal of the all-women cast. The one on the left also appeared in the Tempo before opening weekend. Due to a schedule conflict, we had the assistant director on-book as Juror #2 in this rehearsal (she's on the far let of the second shot). We also had an understudy on as #9. Cast will also note when these were, since the Jury Room door hasn't got the final decorative work on the window, nor is there a clock in these shots. Diana Garrett is the photographer. If I can get any blended cast photos, I'll post them, too.

17 November 2007

Not the Daily Show

This is NOT the Daily Show, as NOT written by and performed on the WGA strike picket lines by the staff of a certain Comedy Central fake news show may be hosted by Jon Stew-something.

10 November 2007


This is the FINAL, OFFICIAL, and INDISPUTABLE Schedule. For Reals.
Note: Cast NOT CALLED work from 4pm on Show Nights.
  • MON, NOV 12 - OFF
  • TUE, NOV 13 - 5:30 ALL Call (I will split two groups for immediate start (out by 7:15))
  • WED, NOV 14 - 5:30 Call Cast #4 (Ashlee, Taylor, (Lulu), Tyler, Gabby, Colin, (Kayla), Andrew, (Katie), Sa'Rina, Chantell, Robin)
  • THU, NOV 15 - 5:30 Call Cast #4 (see WED)
  • FRI, NOV 16 - 5:30 Call (The Men)
  • SMAT, NOV 17 - 12:30 Call Cast #5 (Adam, Taylor, (Lulu), Tyler, Gabby, Sandra, Chase, Tasha, (Katie), Dylan, TJ, Robin)
  • SEVE, NOV 17 - 5:30 Call Cast #6 (Adam, Sami, Grant, Jen, Cody, Sandra, Kayla, Tasha, Josiah, Dylan, TJ, Shelby)

09 November 2007

Excellent Opening!

The attendence was low, but the show was GREAT. Folks don't know what they're missing. Go us!

07 November 2007

Writers Guild Strike

This might not seem like anything we should care about, but we all like TV and movies and some of us plan to maybe work in "The Business" someday. The late night comedy shows have already gone into hibernation and the series work will likely hiccup after the winter break. Mid-season shows might get hammered. Movies will likely see the effects about a year from now, given production timing.

This link points to a discussion about the strike and the demands of the WGA, including a portion of an opinion piece by Joss Whedon (my fellow Wesleyan Alum and creator of some of troupe #358's favorite shows). Once you go beyond the base article and into the reader comments, language might get coarse.

[Updated] One more link from the WGA, here.

04 November 2007

UPDATED - Jordan contact request

I think I've found a reliable way to communicate with Jordan. If you aren't her, but could remind (meaning, CALL) her to check her computer tonight, that would be a good thing. Add'l Update: She's been called.

T-Shirs Delayed

Some issues with the artwork are going to delay our shirts until probably Friday (they were originally slated to arrive Tuesday).

The per shirt cost (with Rush Delivery shipping) is a smidge under $17. They are still going to try to get them to us for opening day, but apparently they've tried to contact me twice (email and phone) since last Tues and didn't reach me until this AM, so we are against the ropes.

Cross your collective fingers!

three rehearsals until it's REAL

Monday will be both casts simultaneously. Tues and Weds, one group goes right after school, no costumes, the other goes at 7pm, full costume.

On show nights, the cast NOT performing, runs thru right after school.

All is well, folks! Know your lines, know your cues, and "Act well..."