22 October 2007

Throwing up a TV thread for tonight's episode of

..if for no other reason than to get us off the previous comment string. Tonight, stunt casting continues as Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars joins the regulars... already we've had both George Takei (Sulu) and Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) from original Star Trek. I am not sure what TV everyone watches this year. I know some of us tried out Bionic Woman and are tiring of it. I've taken an interest in Life and am getting good reports of Pushing Daisies ... standbys from prior seasons are still with us: Smallville, CSI, Without a Trace, and House. Of course, there is The Office, Family Guy, and 30 Rock, and some people seem to like Supernatural, NUMB3RS, and Shark, and we will always have The Colbert Report, not to mention a lot of significantly less appropriate programming on Comedy Central and Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Still waiting on a season premier for Lost, not to mention the dragging out of anticipation with a two hour movie fill-in coming in November to hold us over for January's return of

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Anonymous said...

you mixed up some letters on catroon... cartoon.