28 October 2007

The Continued Rise of Female Action "Heroes"

Since we spend so much time talking about the TV series Heroes and we have a bunch of Joss Whedon fans, I thought I'd throw this in to the mix.

There is a strand of discussion about the role women play in modern heroic story-telling. College classes and scholarly texts now exist tracking the significance of Buffy Summers and Max (Dark Angel). Next into the lineup were Firefly's River Tam and Zoe Washburn. Recent seasons of cable TV have added to the discussion, particularly with the female lineup on Galactica. Sydney Bristow (Alias) and "Kate" (is it really her name? -- Lost) were joined last season by Heroes' Claire Bennett and Nicki Sanders. This brought the discussion back to the mainstream networks and this season seemed like it might adding another piece with Bionic Woman on NBC - a re-imagining of the original series (which itself was a spin-off of the Six Million Dollar Man). BW hasn't really gotten the buzz nor has it delivered. But January on Fox might be a different story when we will get The Sarah Connor Chronicles -- it is a continuation of James Cameron's Terminator concept, picking up from the end of the 2nd film (Judgement Day) and following Sarah, John and ... several Terminators.

The tie in to the strong female character thing? Before Buffy, there were two women in Science Fiction film/tv who were clearly cut from heroic cloth usually reserved for males: Ellen Ripley (Alien, Aliens, etc...) and Sarah Connor. If this series is successful in re-establishing Sarah, then it will be worth it. Additionally, it seems the series will bring another heroic female presence with the casting of Summer Glau, already part of this discussion from her earlier work as River in Firefly. YouTube has SCC clips (at least four uploaded by Fox, with more coming from less official sources. And as always, for really good writing about TV, I recommend Television Without Pity, though I caution that the language there can sometimes get... coarse.

25 October 2007

We few, we happy few...

And Crispine Crispian shall ne're goe by,
From this day to the ending of the World,
But we in it shall be remembred;
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers:
For he to day that sheds his blood with me,
Shall be my brother: be he ne're so vile,
This day shall gentle his Condition.
And Gentlemen in England, now a bed,
Shall thinke themselues accurst they were not here;
And hold their Manhoods cheape, whiles any speakes,
That fought with vs vpon Saint Crispines day.

Henry V, William Shakespeare

23 October 2007

Twelve Angry Schedules :) - UPDATED

We are coming into crunch time, folks.

Twelve continues to meet at 4:30 through the rest of this week and will wrap at the two hour point. However NEXT week, we need to being running start to finish, so the 2 hour limit goes away. [UPDATED to reflect DIFFERENT Men/Women/Mixed Runs... who is in which will be determined by Friday]

Mon - Wed (Oct 29-31): 4:30 until finished (I will try to get us out 'on time' on Halloween)
Thu, Fri (Nov 1,2): Dress Runs - 5:30 call, 6:30 fight runs, 7:00 start - UNTIL FINISHED (this should be running under 2 hours)
SAT (Nov 3) 5:30 call, 6:15 fight run, 7:00 start
Sun (Nov 4)
Mon (Nov 5)
Women FA6, Men FA2
Tue (Nov 6)
Mixed 2 FA6, Mixed 4 FA2
Wed (Nov 7)
Mixed 1 FA6, Mixed 3 FA2
Thu (Nov 8)
OPEN - Mixed 1
(Men run-thru FA6 after school)
Fri (Nov 9)
OPEN - Men
(Mixed 2 run-thru FA6 after school)
Sat (Nov 10)
MATINEE, Mixed 2, EVE - Mixed 3

Sun (Nov 11)
Mon (Nov 12)
Tue (Nov 13)
Mixed 5 FA6, Mixed 4 FA2
Wed (Nov 14)
Mixed 4 FA6, Mixed 6 FA2
Thu (Nov 15)
SHOW - Mixed 4
(Women run-thru FA6 after school)
Fri (Nov 16)
SHOW - Women
(Mixed 5 run-thru FA6 after school)
Sat (Nov 17)
MATINEE, Mixed 5, EVE - Mixed -6

22 October 2007

Throwing up a TV thread for tonight's episode of

..if for no other reason than to get us off the previous comment string. Tonight, stunt casting continues as Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars joins the regulars... already we've had both George Takei (Sulu) and Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) from original Star Trek. I am not sure what TV everyone watches this year. I know some of us tried out Bionic Woman and are tiring of it. I've taken an interest in Life and am getting good reports of Pushing Daisies ... standbys from prior seasons are still with us: Smallville, CSI, Without a Trace, and House. Of course, there is The Office, Family Guy, and 30 Rock, and some people seem to like Supernatural, NUMB3RS, and Shark, and we will always have The Colbert Report, not to mention a lot of significantly less appropriate programming on Comedy Central and Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Still waiting on a season premier for Lost, not to mention the dragging out of anticipation with a two hour movie fill-in coming in November to hold us over for January's return of

13 October 2007

The Key Epic [UPDATED]

Once, there was a man named Murphy. He wrote Laws.

We had a build day today that was very well attended. Best attended of the year and one of the best ever. So... in my rush to get to it on time, I left the Lowe's parking lot with a bit of haste.

And with my theater keys resting on the rear bumper of my vehicle. I'd removed them because they were scratching the paint on my tailgate as I loaded the wood and other materials. Then I got distracted - taking plywood BACK into the store to pick up later.

And so I rushed back out and went straight to the cab, without rechecking the load.

Upon arriving at the school, only Lindsay was there, so I dashed BACK to Lowe's to see if I could see them laying on the road surface or side somewhere... Nothing, back to the school.., more people...back to Lowe's, back to the school... Jordan and Sandra and Dani and Gabby and Gaby and and and and... So with the help of custodian Bob, we went in and worked, only an hour late :P

[This part is the update] Meanwhile, a gentleman named Tom Higgins had found them, picked them up, and delivered them on Monday morning to the NMHS office. YAY TOM! We are working out the particulars of his reward [end update]

When finished, the new next phase was to head back to Lowe's... this time ON FOOT to see if I could find anything along the side of the road... the lanyard, the ID badge, anything... but even with a trusty sidekick who happened to be walking the same route as far as Delta Waters, nothing... nada, nichts, zip, zilch, bupkis.


laugh as you see fit

09 October 2007

This is for the True Heroes out there...

Jenny and Adam will appreciate this, for sure... others? maybe...

Check out the first CUSTOMER review of the linked book.

08 October 2007

Workdays on the long weekend...

The original plan was to do a 10am to 2pm on Fri and on Sat, but my Real Life (tm) has jumped in and is revising that...

Friday, I may not be available to until 4pm. I would like to do about 2 hours of SOMETHING, but it might be better for that to be a rehearsal. So keep an eye on that.

SATURDAY will be a work day from 10am to 2pm