01 September 2007

Fantasticks Schedule [Continually Updated]

SAT 9/15 - SHOW - 4:30 Call, Combat Run before 5pm, House 6:30, Curtain 7pm, Chair Strike After Show
SUN 9/16 - OFF
MON 9/17 - !SHIRTS! OFF (Auditions - "Twelve Angry Jurors" 4-6pm)
TUES 9/18 - ("Twelve" Auditions 4-6pm) Understudy Run Thru, no costumes or makeup, 7pm
WED 9/19 - Understudy DRESS, Call 4:30pm, Combat run before 5pm, House 6:30, Curtain 7:00, Chair Strike
THU 9/20 - !SHIRTS! Understudy SHOW night, schedule as WEDS, Chair Strike
FRI 9/21 - SHOW - schedule as WEDS
SAT 9/22 - CLOSING NIGHT - schedule as WEDS, Chair Strike, DR Quick Clean, Cast Party
SUN 9/23 - Backstage Clean - Auditorium, Dock, LT, 2pm
note on SHIRTS :) On the noted days, please make an effort to wear you shirt... I will be making an effort to wear mine on the days you are not, as will Mr. Warren, Sami, Shelby, and Kelsey, AND the Admins and other staff who have one. ALSO, please always bring them to the show each night CLEAN for house staff shirts
note on House Staff: Everyone who is NOT scheduled to appear that night is expected to help as House Staff. Please dress in black slacks or skirt and wear your Show Shirt.

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Excelsior P. S. Whipplebottom said...

Doty i dont think i will have time to make it to the actual opening night or any nights following is it cool if i come to the open dress for fantasticks and maybe bring a Small contribution as ticket fee if it is cool or not email me at alienz_420@yahoo.com