29 September 2007

Fantasticks Cast Party - the Fun Version!!!

Since we had a somber one the first time out, we are gonna do it again and have a way better time. At the Warren's at 7pm TONIGHT, with viewing of the show using video of Opening Night and the final Friday!

I'll be getting there late (am posting this from the Bandon Library where we are doing a memorial for my father).

This one is for food, fun, and smiles - and I will be bringing some pecan fudge pie left over from this event... save room!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Doty, so I found this video on youtube and it was so freakin' awesome that I thought you should make a bulletin about it, exclaiming how awesome it really is!


So check it out, as should every single person who know's you!

Music'll be added soon apparently.