23 September 2007

CONGRATULATIONS to the casts of Twelve Angry Jurors [UPDATED]

Note: posted version must be initialled (indicating acceptance of the role) prior to Wednesday afternoon. Roles that are not accepted by that time may be recast.
READ THRU scheduled for THURSDAY, 9/27, 4:30pm
Men in the Little Theater, Women in the Choir Room
Twelve Angry MenTwelve Angry Women
Adam Chimeo, Foreperson
Taylor Ashley, #2
Grant Hendrix, #3
Tyler Spano, #4
Cody Weeks, #5
Cody Schneider, #5
Colin Redmond, #6
Chase Medeiros, #7
Andrew Poletto, #8
Josiah Hill, #9
Dylan Gutridge, #10
TJ Todd, #11
Cody Schneider, #12
Robin Plunk, #12
Ashlee Klemp, Foreperson
Sami Pollock, #2
Lulu Lion, #3
Jen Warren, #4
Gabby Mahon, #5
Sandra Schaefer, #6
Kayla Garrett, #7
Natasha Minor, #8
Katie Sparks #9
Sa'rina Roth, #10
Chantell Munoz, #11
Kilee Rheinsburg, #12
Shelby Mock, #12

For the Blended Casts, move Jurors 1, 3, 4, 7, 10, 11.
Lines spoken by the Judge and onstage appearance of the Baliff will be rotated among cast members not appearing on a given night.

Jordan Wright, Robin Plunk, & Claire Halliburton will also be in the production staff. Second Director is Amanda Kulmac. We may still have jobs for two additional ADs. Chad Revel will assist with the tech needs in preproduction (building and lighting). On any given day in rehearsal, two production staff will need to be present. We'll nail down staff schedules as the week draws to a close.

For now, cast should always assume they are scheduled from 4:30 to 6:30pm, Monday - Friday from Oct 1 to Nov 1, with the schedule getting heavier after Nov 1, on. Saturdays will be possible in Nov, as well.

As always, academic eligibility concerns may trigger when the mid-term progress reports come out. If policy or parents decide to pull an actor from the play, others who auditioned will be contacted as needed.


Anonymous said...

your a horrible person Doty

Anonymous said...

Well if you wanted to be gramatically correct it would be you're and not your, but either way this is mean Doty.

Anonymous said...

Not nice, not nice at all...look even my word verification is taunting me. It says 'fnoebdy' which at first glance reads as 'nobody'.

~Amanda C

Anonymous said...

doty rocks.
and that's that.


Anonymous said...

I agree with jenja


Anonymous said...


Just wanted to let you know that Diane is going out of town and so on Oct 1 and 3 I have to substitute teach ballet class for her at 4:30. So sorry!


Dylan G said...

Cant wait to start.

Anonymous said...

I think that I may be interested in the assistant director but may not be able to say so early tomorrow so I shall write it on here. I have come down with whatever it is that everyone else had and my head feels awful just siting up is taxing so if I am not in class tomorrow do not be shocked for I will have slept through it in an attempt at improving my health.

Out of mind with illness,
Shelby M.

Anonymous said...
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John said...

Two notes:
1 - the "horrible" and "mean" relate to the original version, which was character names with no actors noted - the pre-release tease from 9/19. they do not relate to...

2 - the recasting necessitated by closing night of Fantasticks. That is NOT fodder for comment and particularly not with names. This is not a private board and thus not the place to air our laundry, as it were.

AwD said...

YAY! for me I'm off book!,
and ill talk to Doty tomorrow about my accent work and geographical origin stuff.


Anonymous said...

Someone posted the names!?!
That's just mean.

Anonymous said...


Ummm, you said today at lunch that the read thru was at 4:00 on Thursday, and this says 4:30.....so which is it?


John said...

Gah - 4:30... ignore me, K-luh, I mean -La