29 September 2007

Fantasticks Cast Party - the Fun Version!!!

Since we had a somber one the first time out, we are gonna do it again and have a way better time. At the Warren's at 7pm TONIGHT, with viewing of the show using video of Opening Night and the final Friday!

I'll be getting there late (am posting this from the Bandon Library where we are doing a memorial for my father).

This one is for food, fun, and smiles - and I will be bringing some pecan fudge pie left over from this event... save room!

26 September 2007

Ramifications for OFF-Stage Conduct

This divides into two catagories - backstage and away from the theater but with theater students involved.
  • If Backstage, then my policies would be the first governing item, but both school rules (for example, for harassment) and Thespian Bylaws might also apply.
  • If Elsewhere, school rules and Thespian Bylaws might also apply.
Troupe Constitution and Bylaws will be available in printed form in my room tomorrow. I might get them up online tonight. Sample bylaws are online at the ITS site (linked from this page) and are mostly intact in our usage, so will be a reasonable first look.

Ramifications for On-Stage Conduct

All members of the Twelve Angry Jurors casts need to make sure they read the hand-out on on-stage conduct. All other participants in the program may want to look it over as well. I have them available in my room.

23 September 2007

CONGRATULATIONS to the casts of Twelve Angry Jurors [UPDATED]

Note: posted version must be initialled (indicating acceptance of the role) prior to Wednesday afternoon. Roles that are not accepted by that time may be recast.
READ THRU scheduled for THURSDAY, 9/27, 4:30pm
Men in the Little Theater, Women in the Choir Room
Twelve Angry MenTwelve Angry Women
Adam Chimeo, Foreperson
Taylor Ashley, #2
Grant Hendrix, #3
Tyler Spano, #4
Cody Weeks, #5
Cody Schneider, #5
Colin Redmond, #6
Chase Medeiros, #7
Andrew Poletto, #8
Josiah Hill, #9
Dylan Gutridge, #10
TJ Todd, #11
Cody Schneider, #12
Robin Plunk, #12
Ashlee Klemp, Foreperson
Sami Pollock, #2
Lulu Lion, #3
Jen Warren, #4
Gabby Mahon, #5
Sandra Schaefer, #6
Kayla Garrett, #7
Natasha Minor, #8
Katie Sparks #9
Sa'rina Roth, #10
Chantell Munoz, #11
Kilee Rheinsburg, #12
Shelby Mock, #12

For the Blended Casts, move Jurors 1, 3, 4, 7, 10, 11.
Lines spoken by the Judge and onstage appearance of the Baliff will be rotated among cast members not appearing on a given night.

Jordan Wright, Robin Plunk, & Claire Halliburton will also be in the production staff. Second Director is Amanda Kulmac. We may still have jobs for two additional ADs. Chad Revel will assist with the tech needs in preproduction (building and lighting). On any given day in rehearsal, two production staff will need to be present. We'll nail down staff schedules as the week draws to a close.

For now, cast should always assume they are scheduled from 4:30 to 6:30pm, Monday - Friday from Oct 1 to Nov 1, with the schedule getting heavier after Nov 1, on. Saturdays will be possible in Nov, as well.

As always, academic eligibility concerns may trigger when the mid-term progress reports come out. If policy or parents decide to pull an actor from the play, others who auditioned will be contacted as needed.

17 September 2007

Happy Birthday, Dad

My father was born on this date in 1932. I had what I hoped would be a good present for him, in that my schedule was going to allow me (along with Mom) to get the editing done on a book he'd been writing for more than ten years and to get it some kind of published for this, his 75th birthday. We got the editing done, the proofs are back for a self-published run of about 50 copies, but Dad missed getting to see them be a little over two months.

So if I am little out of focus today, this may be why.

13 September 2007

Great Opening!

one down, four to go...Kayla, Kelsey and Sue are off for tomorrow... everyone else, speed thru after school..understudies, too (we'll try talking in unison... la! How jolly!)

very proud of you all!

01 September 2007

Fantasticks Schedule [Continually Updated]

SAT 9/15 - SHOW - 4:30 Call, Combat Run before 5pm, House 6:30, Curtain 7pm, Chair Strike After Show
SUN 9/16 - OFF
MON 9/17 - !SHIRTS! OFF (Auditions - "Twelve Angry Jurors" 4-6pm)
TUES 9/18 - ("Twelve" Auditions 4-6pm) Understudy Run Thru, no costumes or makeup, 7pm
WED 9/19 - Understudy DRESS, Call 4:30pm, Combat run before 5pm, House 6:30, Curtain 7:00, Chair Strike
THU 9/20 - !SHIRTS! Understudy SHOW night, schedule as WEDS, Chair Strike
FRI 9/21 - SHOW - schedule as WEDS
SAT 9/22 - CLOSING NIGHT - schedule as WEDS, Chair Strike, DR Quick Clean, Cast Party
SUN 9/23 - Backstage Clean - Auditorium, Dock, LT, 2pm
note on SHIRTS :) On the noted days, please make an effort to wear you shirt... I will be making an effort to wear mine on the days you are not, as will Mr. Warren, Sami, Shelby, and Kelsey, AND the Admins and other staff who have one. ALSO, please always bring them to the show each night CLEAN for house staff shirts
note on House Staff: Everyone who is NOT scheduled to appear that night is expected to help as House Staff. Please dress in black slacks or skirt and wear your Show Shirt.