01 August 2007

Quick Fantasticks Schedule note

The rest of this week:
3pm to 6pm
NEXT WEEK & Beyond
5pm to 8pm

Who on which days, we don't know, yet...


Anonymous said...

Hey Doty speaking of schedules we need to make it clear to understudies that if the person their understudying is called that means that they are called as well!
It would make rehearsals smoother to have both people there so that if Mr. Warren is working with Jenny we can work with Sarah
Thanks, Sami

Anonymous said...

My sister WILL be coming on the 14th at 6:00... In case I forget to tell you today.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about it and maybe we should have everyone at every rehearsal because its hard to find a scene with someone if you only have three people to work with. For example yesterday, we had Cale, Jenny, and Tyler only for most of the rehearsal because Mr. Warren was working with Amanda K. and Sparkie. So back to the point and my question, would it profit us to have everybody at every rehearsal or not?
Thanks, Sami

John said...

I would say "YES", but it is your show to schedule... if you want 'em all, then call 'em all.