07 August 2007


We are due for one more Pizza & Plays - comment to let me know if there is sufficient interest and what would be good times!


Anonymous said...

Saturday evenings would be good for me personally because I don't work and there is no Fantasticks rehearsal.

Anonymous said...

Anytime, but I don't really have any new play to contribute but I will be there anyway!!!

Manda K

Anonymous said...

Some day that's not a saturday or sunday would be best for me, but as for anyone else.... who cares. Do it on a thursday.

No but seriously any time would be cool and I'd try to make it nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

Do it on a weekend but not next weekend cause I'll be gone again...

Shelby M

Anonymous said...

i have to say that you need to add some movies to the things need to talk about such as the one of this site


oh ya Mr.Todd Rocks

this is mitchell by that way and i don't know if ill be able to make it depending on when it is

Anonymous said...

Im going to be going to north next year and i was in phoenix as a freshman.. I have a question. I was in theater 1 last year all year at phoenix. And i was supposed to be in theater 2 this year as a sophmore. So this year if i join theater at north what theater will i be in?

I also left this on your myspace but i didnt know if you would ever be on myspace..


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the North theater program Braden!

~Amanda C

Anonymous said...

OMGS0RZ! DoTy HaS a MySpaCe!?!?!



I'ma find you now!

Anonymous said...



I founds0rz youz.