21 August 2007

News as School Rapidly Approaches!

  • Rehearsals for The Fantasticks continue... Weeknights at 5pm
  • Auditions for Twelve Angry Jurors coming soon... Sep 17 & 18, 4pm (details in an upcoming post)
  • Classes next year: Advanced meets block 2; Intro sections meet Blocks 3, 4, & 5; Stagecraft meets Block 6.
  • I will also accept 3rd or 4th year students as independent study students concurrent with Intro sections, and your work will emphasize small ensemble directing.
  • Anyone who wants to be an AIDE for me, I would prefer production assistants blocks 1 or 7.

For everyone whos summer is coming to an end, our apologies :) (except the three who are suffering on MAUI right now - for them we have zero sympathy, particularly when they have to endure swimming with sea turtles or barbecuing on a beach... oh, the horror... being washed away in a raging torrent we MIGHT find some compassion for... work on that). Poor Jacob griped about 'getting his schedule' on MySpace... for him, I have sympathy.

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