27 August 2007

Remember, Call Time change!!

Fantasticks now is called from 4pm to 6:30ish, since Mr Warren and I are now 'back to work'

This schedule will remain in place until production week, when we then shift to Costume and Make-up calls as needed with House Open at 6:30 and runs starting at 7pm.

21 August 2007

News as School Rapidly Approaches!

  • Rehearsals for The Fantasticks continue... Weeknights at 5pm
  • Auditions for Twelve Angry Jurors coming soon... Sep 17 & 18, 4pm (details in an upcoming post)
  • Classes next year: Advanced meets block 2; Intro sections meet Blocks 3, 4, & 5; Stagecraft meets Block 6.
  • I will also accept 3rd or 4th year students as independent study students concurrent with Intro sections, and your work will emphasize small ensemble directing.
  • Anyone who wants to be an AIDE for me, I would prefer production assistants blocks 1 or 7.

For everyone whos summer is coming to an end, our apologies :) (except the three who are suffering on MAUI right now - for them we have zero sympathy, particularly when they have to endure swimming with sea turtles or barbecuing on a beach... oh, the horror... being washed away in a raging torrent we MIGHT find some compassion for... work on that). Poor Jacob griped about 'getting his schedule' on MySpace... for him, I have sympathy.

07 August 2007


We are due for one more Pizza & Plays - comment to let me know if there is sufficient interest and what would be good times!

05 August 2007

Fantasticks - Assume ALL CALL

given cast size and staffing, assume ALL cast are called unless we tell you otherwise a day before as we wrap a particular rehearsal

rehearsals will go at 5pm now and run until 8pm

Monday and Wednesday will be music and dance intensive this week, so please wear appropriate shoes, and females should consider having a rehearsal skirt come in, as well.

01 August 2007

Quick Fantasticks Schedule note

The rest of this week:
3pm to 6pm
NEXT WEEK & Beyond
5pm to 8pm

Who on which days, we don't know, yet...