06 July 2007


For a chance to perform on the professional stages of Southern Oregon, check the front of today's Tempo.

On page 2, we start with the Missoula Children's Theater. Their call is for students grades 1-12. The audition is Aug 6, 9:30 am to noon, and you must be there by 9:30. the show is cast that day and starts to rehearse that evening, and performs at the Crate on Aug 11 at 3pm and 7pm. That's Mon to Sat frm audition to closing curtain. The show is Cinderella. There is a $25 workshop fee for those who are cast. Those of you without a Trib can try the Crate at 779-3000.

Then on page 6, the Oregon Conservatory of the Performing Arts offers a theater camp starting July 30, culminating in a performance at OSF's Daedalus Project. The show is "Quilt" and is a musical. Caroline Shaffer of OSF directs. Info and Camp prices are to be had by phone (776-9118) or web www.oregonconservatory.org

Give it a shot! Neither will work for people cast in the Fantasticks, but everyone else is strongly encouraged to go for it!

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Anonymous said...

hey doty so at britt we might have some over hire positions coming up ill try to stay in touch with you and every on if their is and info on it as well, oh and i just learned that Nick who used to work at Ginger rogers just quit because he was an over hire for us so their is a full time year round job opening their im going to look in to

see ya later