30 July 2007

Stuff of Mine

this is a housekeeping post, trying to track down stuff of mine that was once in the classroom and now is not

DVD of Kiss Me Kate - missing since... Septemberish? I haven't gotten to watch yet...grrr
DVD of Jesus Christ Superstar - disc ONLY (case is in the office) - missing since April
Blue Vase from Induction night - went home with.... Cyr? Can't remember
Most of my Shakespeare on DVD - left with Garrett, now reportedly with Nik?

Help these items find there way back to me. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I have A Midwinter's Tale, Henry V, Richard III and ... the scottish play.

Mysteriously yours

Anonymous said...

my vote is that captain anonymous up there is nik.

Anonymous said...


You'll NEVER know who!

It's not like you REALLY have a clue!


pip pip hut tut alroyt now.. move alone there's nothing to see 'ere.

Like Nyquil to the narcoleptic.

-remaining anonymous... jus' cause-

Anonymous said...

yep, that has to be nik

Anonymous said...

uuh.... no.

This has been a message from...
The ever so very elusive