25 July 2007

Robert W Doty OSF Seminar Scholarship

I've been getting the ducks in a row for establishing a Summer Seminar Scholarship Fund in memory of my father. As part of doing this, I plan to have donation options available at each production we do this year (probably set up with a matching donation to Black Tornado Theater). I am also going to ask Mrs. Michelson at Phoenix to help, as well (as Dad did a lot for their program, back during the time that the Camelot stage was their 'home' theater). Once the fund is in place, I will put a PayPal link up to it here on this page, as well.

My expectation is that the fund will generate a partial scholorship the first year, two the second, and then after three years, be able to sustain up to two full scholarships a year. The funds are NOT assured to go to help a North Student, but I might be able to get them to restrict it to Jackson and Coos county schools (Dad's homes over the years).

All your help will be appreciated!

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