13 July 2007

Plays, Pizza and Movies (& news)

OK... due to limited and non-commital responses (except for Shelby), the Pizza and Plays Night will be as follows:

SATURDAY, 6pm, at the LT, lasting approx 2 hours (though maybe not even close)

Thus allowing plenty of time to eat Kaleidescope Pizza (sorry Trev)!
Thus allowing plenty of time to talk about PLAYS!!!!
Thus allowing plenty of time to get to Bear Creek Park for the Movie Night (Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone)

And as for the news? look on the right hand side...you'll see we no longer have a Fall Play TBA


Anonymous said...

i thought Twelve Angry Jurors was our fall play....? no?


John said...

Yes, Jenny... until a little earlier this week, the Website didn't specify a Fall Play. YOU got a lucky scoop, as I delivered your Fantasticks script the same day we got the word on Twelve.

Anonymous said...

pizza/discussion was very fun. Thanks for the pizza!! Oh! I saw distracted today and thought it was FABULOUS. it was so much funnier than I had expected. I'm going to see it with Bless again on Wednesday.


John said...

Hills! You and Bless should BOTH get a pair of bowmer pass tickets, then sit together with one pair, and pass one pair off to some of the other folks, like Manda and Tasha, or TJ or Angie and Poletto. Just a thought!