10 July 2007

Plays n Pizza

SOME of you have been using your Bowmer Passes (Hillary and Bless (Late Happy BDay, Bless) were at Sunday eve's Shrew...)

I promised we'd have some time to discuss plays and eat pizza and generally catch up on the summer, and I think we should do that SOON. One suggestion was to have such a gathering as a lead in to a Movie in the Park. Another idea was to invade the Little Theater. I like either option and would take this time to entertain an informal VOTE on one or the other... say a Thurs Eve at the LT or Sat eve before the movie. Let us all know here in the Comments!


Anonymous said...

Anytime is good for me I think :) I really want to talk about shrew. Well hopefully I can carry a well informed conversation about it, I did see it a while ago. . .but I have a good memory so I don't think I'll have a problem ^_^


Anonymous said...

I saw gem of the ocean last night. It was probably my favorite OSF play I've seen. Anyways I vote little theatre. I could care less either way though.


Anonymous said...

Oh and I also vote Gisepi's pizza. I'll even go to the land of ash and pick it up myself. I love there pizza!

t-rev again

Anonymous said...

I vote oh wait I can't make either one!!! WHY??????? stupid family....... stupid campout.

Shelby M

Anonymous said...

hiya doty,
uh this comment has absolutely nothing to do with the pizza'n plays thing...but just to be particapatory i vote little theater, although it really doesn't matter that much as long as we get to talk about the plays....but ok thats not why i commented...here's why:
can we get a preliminary rehearsal schedule? because i have a family thing pending but we need to know when i can do it...
sorry this comment is so long.
i feel lame.
but happy about it...hehe