13 July 2007

Fantasticks Schedule

This coming week, Mr Warren, Sami and I will sit down and hammer out some schedule things related to Fantasticks (like which actors called on which days).

BUT, we can get you the basics:

Read Thru - All Cast, All Understudies, All Support Staff - FRI JULY 27, 4pm, Little Theater
Stage Preparation - All who can make it, Cleaning the loading dock & LT - SAT JULY 28, 10am, Little Theater

Official Day 1 is Monday, July 30, in the LT. I expect we will have staging work, musical work, and some tech discussion. Mr Dalton will be working as El Gallo for the first two weeks while Mr Chimeo is at the OSF Summer Seminar.

Kate Warren will be providing support vocal coaching, and is primarily going to be assigned to the understudies.

Expect that there will be something happening in the LT from approx 2pm until about 6pm each day for the first three weeks, and that most cast and staff will be called each day. For week 4 of August, Mr Warren and I will have to be 'at work', so we won't start until 4pm. Some days, the cast will be in FA2 or FA3 singing while we do things on and to the stage :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Doty,

Just wanted to let you know that will be in Coos Bay at Karate camp July 26-29 so I can't make the read-thru. Which actually shouldn't be that big of a deal cause I have no lines. Oh, and I also just got a job working at my dad's office as a part-time receptionist. That's Mon, Wed, and Fri, noon to 4. Just a heads up!!


Anonymous said...

um one "asm" cant make it to the first few day cause she will be in grants pass with father.., then has drivers ed for three weeks in the after noon. forgot the times though... besides that I'm good. I think...
Shelby M.

Anonymous said...

Sami and I have to work 'Ballet in the Park' on the 29th and the 30th this month from 4 until 10ish.

Amanda C.

Anonymous said...

i have driving lessons (wahoo) from 2-4 on monday's, and possibly other days....with other times.....but definitely the monday thing.....
hi by the way

Anonymous said...

Sooo Doty we need to set up one of those mentor check thingys. um yeah thanks. Sami