25 July 2007


Mon, Jul 30 - 3pm, Matt, Luisa, Mothers (and understudies) - Music
Tues, 3pm - 6pm, Full Cast - From Beginning
Weds, 3pm - 6pm, "Rape" Ballet
Thus, 3pm - 6pm, Round and Round
Fri, 3pm - 6pm, Tree (EG & L), Wall (M & L)

NOTE - Mute and Handyman are ALWAYS called unless it is specifically a music rehearsal.

Following week will post by Aug 2!

OFF BOOK DATES is Aug 17 - that is the last day you may have scripts
Calls for Line after Aug 24 contribute to the cookie fund or something equally suitable.

Build days each Sat, 10am-2pm, starting Jul 28 - all cast expected to attend three minimum.

Start thinking of poster design ideas NOW. Bring them to first week and we will select publicity materials as a group.


Anonymous said...

hey so with classical starting at Britt this up coming week i don't work much and can probably help with some build stuff and running if you need it just give me a call.

Anonymous said...

oh ya forgot that las one was the only one that works at Britt besides Jess (Its Mitchell)

Anonymous said...

Hey Doty, Wed I wont be able to be there until 4:30ish cause of work. I get off at 4:00 but it is in Ashland.


Anonymous said...

Kayla again, just wondering about Friday's rehearsal, you said TJ and I are called everyday, but it's says EG/L and M/L, so do we still come? And if we do, I work again until 4:00.

John said...

Yes, we need the non-speakers on Friday, Kayla...sorry.. no days off for you! (kidding - but not much)