30 July 2007

Stuff of Mine

this is a housekeeping post, trying to track down stuff of mine that was once in the classroom and now is not

DVD of Kiss Me Kate - missing since... Septemberish? I haven't gotten to watch yet...grrr
DVD of Jesus Christ Superstar - disc ONLY (case is in the office) - missing since April
Blue Vase from Induction night - went home with.... Cyr? Can't remember
Most of my Shakespeare on DVD - left with Garrett, now reportedly with Nik?

Help these items find there way back to me. Thanks!

25 July 2007

Robert W Doty OSF Seminar Scholarship

I've been getting the ducks in a row for establishing a Summer Seminar Scholarship Fund in memory of my father. As part of doing this, I plan to have donation options available at each production we do this year (probably set up with a matching donation to Black Tornado Theater). I am also going to ask Mrs. Michelson at Phoenix to help, as well (as Dad did a lot for their program, back during the time that the Camelot stage was their 'home' theater). Once the fund is in place, I will put a PayPal link up to it here on this page, as well.

My expectation is that the fund will generate a partial scholorship the first year, two the second, and then after three years, be able to sustain up to two full scholarships a year. The funds are NOT assured to go to help a North Student, but I might be able to get them to restrict it to Jackson and Coos county schools (Dad's homes over the years).

All your help will be appreciated!


Mon, Jul 30 - 3pm, Matt, Luisa, Mothers (and understudies) - Music
Tues, 3pm - 6pm, Full Cast - From Beginning
Weds, 3pm - 6pm, "Rape" Ballet
Thus, 3pm - 6pm, Round and Round
Fri, 3pm - 6pm, Tree (EG & L), Wall (M & L)

NOTE - Mute and Handyman are ALWAYS called unless it is specifically a music rehearsal.

Following week will post by Aug 2!

OFF BOOK DATES is Aug 17 - that is the last day you may have scripts
Calls for Line after Aug 24 contribute to the cookie fund or something equally suitable.

Build days each Sat, 10am-2pm, starting Jul 28 - all cast expected to attend three minimum.

Start thinking of poster design ideas NOW. Bring them to first week and we will select publicity materials as a group.

13 July 2007

Fantasticks Schedule

This coming week, Mr Warren, Sami and I will sit down and hammer out some schedule things related to Fantasticks (like which actors called on which days).

BUT, we can get you the basics:

Read Thru - All Cast, All Understudies, All Support Staff - FRI JULY 27, 4pm, Little Theater
Stage Preparation - All who can make it, Cleaning the loading dock & LT - SAT JULY 28, 10am, Little Theater

Official Day 1 is Monday, July 30, in the LT. I expect we will have staging work, musical work, and some tech discussion. Mr Dalton will be working as El Gallo for the first two weeks while Mr Chimeo is at the OSF Summer Seminar.

Kate Warren will be providing support vocal coaching, and is primarily going to be assigned to the understudies.

Expect that there will be something happening in the LT from approx 2pm until about 6pm each day for the first three weeks, and that most cast and staff will be called each day. For week 4 of August, Mr Warren and I will have to be 'at work', so we won't start until 4pm. Some days, the cast will be in FA2 or FA3 singing while we do things on and to the stage :)

Plays, Pizza and Movies (& news)

OK... due to limited and non-commital responses (except for Shelby), the Pizza and Plays Night will be as follows:

SATURDAY, 6pm, at the LT, lasting approx 2 hours (though maybe not even close)

Thus allowing plenty of time to eat Kaleidescope Pizza (sorry Trev)!
Thus allowing plenty of time to talk about PLAYS!!!!
Thus allowing plenty of time to get to Bear Creek Park for the Movie Night (Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone)

And as for the news? look on the right hand side...you'll see we no longer have a Fall Play TBA

10 July 2007

Plays n Pizza

SOME of you have been using your Bowmer Passes (Hillary and Bless (Late Happy BDay, Bless) were at Sunday eve's Shrew...)

I promised we'd have some time to discuss plays and eat pizza and generally catch up on the summer, and I think we should do that SOON. One suggestion was to have such a gathering as a lead in to a Movie in the Park. Another idea was to invade the Little Theater. I like either option and would take this time to entertain an informal VOTE on one or the other... say a Thurs Eve at the LT or Sat eve before the movie. Let us all know here in the Comments!

08 July 2007

Solla Sollew

About an hour ago, my father passed away peacefully. Jen and I were with him, as was Mom. We are OK. More later.

06 July 2007


For a chance to perform on the professional stages of Southern Oregon, check the front of today's Tempo.

On page 2, we start with the Missoula Children's Theater. Their call is for students grades 1-12. The audition is Aug 6, 9:30 am to noon, and you must be there by 9:30. the show is cast that day and starts to rehearse that evening, and performs at the Crate on Aug 11 at 3pm and 7pm. That's Mon to Sat frm audition to closing curtain. The show is Cinderella. There is a $25 workshop fee for those who are cast. Those of you without a Trib can try the Crate at 779-3000.

Then on page 6, the Oregon Conservatory of the Performing Arts offers a theater camp starting July 30, culminating in a performance at OSF's Daedalus Project. The show is "Quilt" and is a musical. Caroline Shaffer of OSF directs. Info and Camp prices are to be had by phone (776-9118) or web www.oregonconservatory.org

Give it a shot! Neither will work for people cast in the Fantasticks, but everyone else is strongly encouraged to go for it!

05 July 2007

Medical Update - My father

those of you who have been in the program a couple of years have had some limited opportunity to meet my father (he came to Pen, Dream, and Seussical). His condition (Parkinson's) is reasonably well-known (Michael J Fox, the Pope, etc...). He's had symptoms of it since 1985ish and clearly symptomatic since 1995, and then significantly deteriorating since 2004.

He fell twice again in the past two days and this time the injuries are not to his limbs, but to his head, and we may not have much longer with him. Anyway, I might not be as available as I thought, but they do have wireless here at the Hospital, so I can be reached via the blog or email.

03 July 2007

Scripts here EARLY!!! Who wants one

gimme a call or post and get one as your schedule and mine allow!
Given out so far: Sami, Amanda C (via Sami); Kayla, Sarah (via Kayla), Manda K (via Kayla), Jacob (via Kayla)

I have phone numbers and/or addresses for Cale, Carol, TJ, Corey and Tasha and will try to get to them today. CHIMEO, Sparkie - I need some help to find you.

Jen is out of town and will get her's upon return.