19 June 2007

Shrew ticket I Can't Use

HEADS UP, FOLKS! I have one ticket for Taming of the Shrew, WEDNESDAY NIGHT, 8:30pm at OSF. This is NOT a comp... I paid for it :) and it's toward the back of the house... Shrew is probably going to be impossible to get with Bowmer pass until LATE in the season (September?). Whoever wants it, post a comment and the first person posting gets it.

(Obviously, you need to be a driver or have someone willing to chauffeur you to Ashland, as this is a single seat and the show is sold out.)

I thought I'd be done with the phase of my home that I need be finished before I go get Jen, but I won't be, so...


John said...

Not willing to take a chance poting, Amanda Kulmac has confirmed by phone.

Anonymous said...

the play was great!!! thank you sooooooo much for the ticket daddy doty!!! tell you all about it at pizza discusions :)

Manda K