18 June 2007

Romeo & Juliet

Wow. Saw R& J on Sunday. I'd heard some grumbling about it from two people working Tempest on Friday - one who thought Act I set up something that Act II failed to deliver, another who thought I was silly, but that II redeemed the show.

Well, I disagree with both of them :). Not to say the show is flawless - it is early in the run and not everyone has found their feet 100% yet, BUT the thigns it does well, it does exceptionally well, and the things that need work don't need much.

Things that are ON? Capulet and Mercutio. Wow again. Capulet, particularly. Bowmer Project folks will recognize Duke Senior from As You Like It. When you go (and you should go), watch him for an amazing demonstration of finding the changing beats within a single speech. He makes leaps that are astounding and resonant - I was impressed. No more 10s when I judge acting until somone matches his effort. :) While watching? Mesmerized. When looking back and analyzing? I am STILL seeing things he was doing that were so very cool.

Scenic design is wonderful - use of the trap inspired my tech side to think of HOW we could accomplish something like this.

See it. You may have to pay, but see it. When shows aren't comping, you might still be able to get a 50% off ticket as a Rogue Valley resident.

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