10 June 2007

Notes for Firefly / Angel / Heroes fans

New to series TV this coming year, "The Sarah Connor Chronicles", set in the continuity of James Cameron's Terminator films, and starring Thomas Dekker (you remember him as Claire Bennet's best friend / videographer, Zach) and Summer Glau (River Tam in Firefly, Ballerina in Angel). So far, only two episodes confirmed , and I haven't found which network is planning on carrying it.

It spins off from Terminator 2, not T3. Hrmmm.

Also announced, Jewel Staite (Firefly's Kaylee Frye) is adding to the cast of Stargate: Atlantis for season 4.

Also a note to Heroes fans (and people who think WoW is neat *ehem*). Several of the troupe are on the MMORPG City of Heroes - info here. It blows WoW away, jus' sayin'... the most NMHS folks I am aware of play on Triumph server. The most obvious might be the character "Mr. Mitchell Wiuff"


Anonymous said...

I might want to join it but I'm not quite sure what to do once on because I don't want to just start out on my own.
Shelby M.

John said...

Shelby, if you want a tutoring session, you can ask Mitchell or I to time it such that we can look over your shoulder and be available for Q&A while you get started.

Anonymous said...

It's me again... well first I can't play until I get a computer of my own cause my moms always on hers and my dads is in horrible shape I was wondering what I should get

Shelby M

I didn't know where to put this one