13 June 2007

Movies in the Park

I strongly encourage attendance to the following Movies in the Park... and perhaps some coordination of munchies.

July 7 - Three Amigos
July 14 - Harry Potter & Sorc Stone
July 21 - Back to the Future
July 28 - Happy Feet
Aug 4 - Indy & the Last Crusade
Aug 11 - Superman Returns

Note - the first movie is June 23, but I WON'T BE IN OREGON, so don't drop by 'just cuz'
Note also - the link above SHOULD lead to a .pdf schedule for the films, so you can see the June 23, Jun 30, and later August offerings... they just didn't appeal (at all) to me.


Anonymous said...

So whats up with these movies being played? Why these certain ones, I'm lost. Well more-so curious.


John said...

dude...it's called 'Movies in the Park' It is a Medford Parks and Rec thing that has been around for a long time.

Who cares how they select the movies, this year they selected mostly good ones, so I plan to go, since it is like 200 yards from my house... some years, I haven't gone at all.

Anonymous said...

So what's the movie on the 23rd?

~Amanda C

Anonymous said...

Oh, well I just had no idea they did that. I've never gone nor heard about it. So I thought that it may be a new thing. Well thanks for clearing that up!