07 June 2007

Congratulations to the Cast of...

...The Fantasticks!

El Gallo – Adam Chimeo
Matt – Cale McCoy
Luisa – Jen Warren
Hucklebee – Amanda Kulmac
Bellomy – Natasha Minor
Henry – Amanda Cyr
Mortimer – Jacob Schatz
The Mute – Kayla Garrett
The Handyman – TJ Todd
Understudy (El Gallo / Matt) – Corey Dalton
Understudy (Luisa) – Sarah Schwarz
Understudy (Huck / Bell) – Katie Sparks
Understudy (Henry / Mortimer) - Carol O'Hare

[update, now that I'm not dashing off somewhere]
This was the strongest top to bottom audition we've ever had. People who have not be cast should understand we were very happy with what we saw and everyone should try for the fall show (where the number of available role will more than double)

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